VaVa Night Light Review: “The Night Time Hero”

As children we tend to have vivid imaginations about the things we encounter in our daily lives. From dragons taking over castles to princesses trying to figure out what to wear for a ball, a child’s mind is a never-ending adventure. Even through the night a child’s mind is still constantly wondering, exploring, and envisioning their next big adventure. During this time is when they are most vulnerable to become frighten of the unknown or what’s most commonly known as the darkness. That’s where the VaVa’s children’s nightlight saves the day.

Having an overactive imaginative four-year old, I have always had an issue with my son not staying asleep. I have tried various night lights, hall lights, reducing tablet time, making sure all screens had a blue light filter, and even a music box to ease his mind. However, all of which was to no avail. Nothing ever seemed to work and if it did it was merely temporarily. That is until I came across the “VaVa Night Light” on

“The box is fairly small and light, very simple and elegant”

At first I was very skeptical about purchasing this “state of the art” night-light. At a mere, $18.99 however, it was a gamble I was willing to take. Nothing else seemed to have worked and my son was losing out on getting his full eight hours of rest. After reading through a few reviews, I decided this night-light may be in fact what my son has needed all long.

” A spare Samsung charging block I had to connect the night light to the wall for charging”

A month has passed since I bought the night-light. The same night that it came in, was the same night my son stayed fast asleep in his own room. (FINALLY!) Set up was fairly easy. The “egg-light, as my son calls it, has its on instructions on it and within the box; very straightforward. The light is re-chargeable, which means you can take it pretty much anywhere, even outside for camping. Although the box did not contain a charging block to connect to a wall outlet, it did come with a USB charging cable. Luckily, having worked in the cellular industry for over six plus years, I had a few charging blocks lying around so it was not a problem. After charging the “egg-light” up for first use, it was time to take it for a spin.

“It takes micro-USB so you can in fact charge it with your own smart phone or tablet charger anyway”

What truly makes this an awesome gadget is its touch activation sensors. ¬†For first time usage or if the battery dies out, there is a dedicated power button underneath. It also contains a unique flap that can be used to hang the light up somewhere to illuminate a room better. It is IP65 rated waterproof and dust proof; not submersible, but can take on a small dousing of water just in case of emergencies. Now what truly makes this an awesome gadget is its touch activation sensors. By sliding your finger across the VaVa’s capacitive embroidery, one can change the light density from warm to cool instantly. What this means is that when your child is sleeping, parents can switch the light mode to warm to help soothe those eyes to sleep; all while warding off the terror in the night at the same time. What’s even better, let’s say if you wanted to conserve power, all you have to do is double tap your palm at the top of the “egg-light” and hold it there to reach your desired brightness.

“This is the brighter cool mode that illuminates the room no matter where it is placed. The warm mode is an orange coloration”

At the end of the day, VaVa’s Baby Night Light, has saved my son countess restless hours. Through its simplicity and efficiency it has shown a lot of promise in only one month of use. My son loves his little “egg-light” and nighttime has never been better for the both of us. I no longer have to get up from bed to make sure no dragon or evil robot monsters are gong to attack his bed as he sleeps.

“Paw Patrol, Bear, and Egg-Light, he cant stay asleep without them all”

Thank You VaVa!

From a loving father…

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