New Game of Thrones trailer shows an upcoming war! 

I know, I know, All Things Quite Nerdy apparently loves them some GOT (we love you too Walking Dead, come on October), but this new trailer looks ridiculous! It shows Cersei surrounded by forces on all sides and ready to attack.  We are shown an image of her on the iron throne. We also see Daenery’s bringing the Dothraki army hardcore, yes please! Tyrion approaches a cliff-side only to be greeted by Dany’s Dragons , yes please!  Jon Snow is briefly shown rallying troops and getting his battle on, yes please!  We see fleeting glimpses of our staple characters. I think that’s the point, just enough of a hint to wet your whistle and keep you salivating until July. I’m not sure what’s going to happen when it premiers, but I’m definitely excited because a war is coming. They have made that very clear here. We’ve been promised a bloodbath and I’m pretty sure they’ll deliver. Let’s hope!

Side Note: Did anyone else notice Grey Worm was about to get his groove on? What’s up with that?

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