Ubisoft and Nintendo Might Need to Breakup

Ubisoft has been a very solid supporter of Nintendo consoles at launch, until the Switch that is.  Usually we see remakes of AAA games strewn across the launch window of Nintendo systems.  Yet all we have now is Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Wars, and in all honesty. . . It’s weird.

So don’t get me wrong, I’ve actually grown to love everything Ubisoft has done for Nintendo over the last few consoles.  Rayman Legends,  Red Steel 2, No More Heroes, Child of light, and Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars just to name a few great games that really seized the innovative features of their consoles.  Yet it seems the Switch will not receive this continued support, it seems they’ve taken a darker path.

 This new Rayman game promises to be a mix of adventure and turn based strategy, which can be a great combination when you don’t give Mario a Mega Man style arm cannon.  

That’s right kids, Mario has a gun.
There’s not too much information out yet, but it seems like some sort of weird Codename S.T.E.A.M. Mario mashup where they replaced half the characters with those adorable, annoying rabbits.  More information is coming out on this 2017 title that very well could DETHRONE Mario’s Time Machine for weirdest Mario game.  Hey, here’s hoping that the Rabbid humor and Mario charm combine into something absurdly astonishing!

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