Beam is now Mixer

The team behind Beam have been hinting at a big announcement for a week now, and today they dropped a bomb. Their platform will now be called Mixer. This new name comes with a heap of new features as well.

Beam’s community was always one of its strongest points, and it seems to be a main focus of the changes at Mixer. One of the biggest additions is Co-Streaming, which is exactly what it sounds like. Up to 4 streamers can stream at the same time, combining both their streams and their chats in one space. This is already a common practice using third party systems, but having the ability to do it natively is a first. On the Xbox, users can simply invite their friends to stream, and boom, they are added to the co-stream. For co-op experiences, or really any multiplayer, it will be an exciting addition.

They also announced a new app for Android and iOS called Mixer Create. Currently in beta, it is an app dedicated to live streaming on the go. For the time being, it only allows video streaming, but in the future will include game streaming from your device. It is also compatible with Co-Streaming, so your whole team can stream your Pokemon Go experience.  Mixer are introducing a new channel, Channel One. It will feature a variety of content, including “big title releases, livestream events, tips and tricks, esports updates, and more.”

On the Xbox One, Beam was just an app you used to share your stream or watch others. Mixer will be taking things a lot further. Available now for Xbox Insiders, Mixer will become a page on the Xbox Dashboard. It will be even easier to see what your friends are playing, share your own stream, or just catch up with the Xbox community. This page will also be the place to watch all of the Xbox E3 presentations, news, and more.

If you had a Beam account, you’re already a member of Mixer. This is a big step for the platform, let’s see where it goes. And don’t forget to check out All Things Quite Nerdy on our Mixer channel!

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