Far Cry 5 release date and info… 

Today Ubisoft announced more information about their upcoming Far Cry 5. The release date is February 27th 2018 and it will come to Playstation 4,  Xbox One and PC. The setting as we previously reported is still Hope County Montana. You play as the sheriff’s deputy who freshly arrives and discovers a doomsday cult called  The Project at Eden’s Gate has taken over the area. Your mission is to recruit people for The Resistance and try to stop them. Sounds typical, what isn’t however on true Far Cry fashion is the games antagonist The Father. The Father is the cult’s leader and is reportedly shaping up to be as interesting as the previous installments main enemies. There will still be wildlife to deal with but in what form is yet to be scene. With it being Montana, my guess is bobcats and buffalo. There will be vehicles as always, but this time they are looking to add muscle cars and helicopters!

New to the series will be character customization. The player will be able to select things like gender, race and appearance. It sounds like they’re putting a lot of choice in our hands as usual. There will be a map editor for multi-player just like last time which is good for extending the longevity of the game. Having played previous installments, I’m excited to see what Ubisoft has up their sleeve. Guess we will find out on February 27th.

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