On the Future of Fire Emblem

In a recent interview with French website Jeuxvideo, Masahiro Higuchi of Intelligent Systems and Hitoshi Yamagami and Kenta Nakanishi of Nintendo spoke of what to expect of the anticipated 2018 Fire Emblem title for the Switch.

They describe a new life and depth to the characters and experience in the unnamed game.  The excerpt below shows the three Fire Emblem developers also seem very excited for the series to return to it’s console roots.  

Q: Do you see Fire Emblem as a handheld series first and foremost? The latest home console release was Radiant Dawn ten years ago; and though a new Fire Emblem is coming to Nintendo Switch next year, a lot of players had their hopes up for a Wii U installment. Do you think the Wii U wasn’t suited for a series like Fire Emblem, or were there other reasons to focus on the 3DS?

Yamagami: The Fire Emblem series has a long history of home console games. While we were developing this title on a handheld console, we felt like we were reaching the apex of our work on Nintendo 3DS. Looking back, we don’t believe the series is a handheld one above all else. In the future, we hope to have more opportunities to create home console games.

Nakanishi: As it was said earlier, we’re currently working on a Fire Emblem game on Nintendo Switch. With this title designed for home consoles, we should be able to offer a completely different Fire Emblem, breathing life into our characters like never before.

  The series has shown explosive success on the 3DS. “Fire Emblem Awakening” is one of the top sellers on the system and is credited with reviving the franchise from the grave.  Nintendo is hoping that this untitled game can continue that success with the Switch and return the series to it’s former console glory.  Admittedly I am excited to see what this franchise can do outside of the performance constraints of the 3DS.

A thank you for Twitter user Kyrio for translating.

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