The Essential Phone? 

What makes a phone essential? The ability to make a phone call? Keyboard layout for avid texters and tweeters? A good camera? It’s definitely all of these but what sets a phone apart is specs. A top of the line Qualcomm 835 processor, 4GBs of Ram, a front facing 8mp camera that shoots in 4k, a rear 13mp camera with a second sensor for better low light capture, an edge to edge display, sounds like a top of the line device to me. I could be describing the Galaxy S8, but I am not. While a great phone,  the phone I described has something else that makes it stand out. That something is that it was designed by Android’s creator itself Andy Rubin.

The father of Android knows a thing or two about the OS, in fact he knows a whole darn lot. His company Essential will be releasing The Essential Phone this year. The US will be the first to call the device home. It will have the proper radios for all 4 major US carriers so feel free to use it anywhere. With alot of high end specs and a $699 price tag its sure to be a heavy hitter. Rubin’s company will take a minimalist approach to the device, they want it to be simple. We are not expecting much if any bloatware.  In fact the company won’t even have its logo on the device! The UI is supposed to be very smooth. It’s very sleek and the screen goes closer to the edge than anything before it. They’ll pack in a 128 GB of storage though whether or not it packs an SD slot remains to be seen (my guess is not). The device itself will forgo the aluminum and glass of its peers and go for something different. The device will be made from a mixture of titanium and ceramic which should give it a lot more durability than its rivals. Sadly no headphone jack, however they will include the dongle. What’s more is that it will be another device to dive into mod territory. On the back of the device is  a magnet to clip on different attachments similar to Lenovo’s Moto Z series. Already announced is a 360 camera, wireless data transfer and a dock. It seems they went with Motorola style hook ups but LG style accessories. I don’t think they’ll dethrone Motorola on this but it’s a nice inclusion all the same.

Overall this could shape up to be a killer device, it has the specs, it has the features and it definitely has the know how behind it. This could very well to turn out to be the iPhone killer that Google themselves tried to do with the Pixel or at the very least a very nice alternative for Android purist out there.

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