The Feedback Loop (Book 1)


Imagine for a second that everyday you lived was EXACTLY the same and you were in a dreamworld that represented a Cyber Noir atmosphere- grit, tech, extreme violence, dark corners, sleuth-work, nineteen fifties styling with futuristic weapons. This was the life of Quantum Hughes. He was trapped in the VR world of Cyber Noir or as he called it The Loop.  He can’t not be killed and if he dies he wakes up back in his hotel room bed. He has grown accustom to this lifestyle and therefor knows exactly whats going to happen, everyday. He fully expects the Morning Assassin to come everyday at 8:05 am without fail,  the crow the flies by shortly after the encounter with the Assassin, the lights flickering in the narrow hallway and then the ambush of 6 assassins as he arrives downstairs. The blissful greeting of the Doorman Jim everyday. He would always go to the Cafe (he could not taste the food) but he had a thing for the waitress Dolly (yes she is an NPC) and the Chef would always attack him. Some days he would head to the pier, other days to the local Pub (even though he could not get drunk he still made it a point to try) or other miscellaneous adventures sometimes getting good loot. Other times he would find himself in a completely disaster resulting in a gruesome death. This was life for Quantum Hughes for roughly 550 days (or so he thought). The time in CN took its toll on Quantum, he grew to be ruthless, unapologetic and had no regrets or feelings. Living everyday exactly the same I guess will do that to you. Than one day he gets a strange message from Jim the doorman. It was a request from a Frances Euphoria and that’s when things were no longer exactly the same…


Other than the NPCs – Morning Assassin, Doorman Jim, Frances Euphoria, Assassins waiting in ambush downstairs, Dolly and the main character Quantum. There are not many more characters in the first book (of course there are a few more characters but I don’t want to spoil anything for you readers out there!) and by no means does this hinder the rating or experience I had reading this. The NPCs are straightforward all with there own unique personalities (your going to love Dolly). Quantum is very cocky, short fused, ready to kill everything type guy. He’s a ruthless – take no crap from anyone and is not afraid to speak his mind. I love him. Dolly is portrayed as a very attractive waitress and Quantum believe there a “thing” she comes over to Quantum’s place every night and they do the deed, if you catch my drift. The Morning Assassin is also a very fun character that you will learn to love. He doesn’t have much of a personality in the beginning, but as the book goes on you will see what I mean. The same goes for the 6 assassins in the lobby. Frances I don’t want to spoil much about just know she plays a big, key important role in Quantum’s life.

Final Thoughts:

I jumped into this not expecting what I was reading. Harmon Cooper does not hold back at all. It gruesome, its bloody, its a no holds barred action packed read. There’s scenes of sex, drugs, alcohol, abusive language, no one is exempt from being murdered. There is not weapon Quantum won’t kill you with. He doesn’t think twice and doesn’t hold back. He’s out to kill everyone any chance he gets. Upon finishing this it definitely left me wanting more, and I am glad I had book 2 ready to go. If you’re into the whole Cyber Noir explanation (see above) and love the gritty environment this is definitely for you. I really enjoyed this book. I did not really have one complaint. Solid read.


Rating – 5/5

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