Motorola announces Moto Z2 Play

Motorola is no stranger to the cellphone game, they were there in the beginning after all. They’ve had many game changers over the years including last year’s Moto Z series that finally did the whole Mod scene right. Today they announced their newest device in the Z series with the Moto Z2 Play. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Z series allows for additional mods to be hooked up to your device to enhance your phone in a way never truly been done before. Need a louder speaker, snap on the JBL speaker mod. Need more battery, snap on the Mophie Power mod. Better camera, Hasselblad has you covered. My personal favorite is the Instashare Projector. It allows you to project your screen onto any surface, very cool for a movie night! Of course they will be releasing some new mods alongside it including the much anticipated game pad! The Moto Z2 Play is looking to take everything about the original Moto Z Play and amp it up, almost. They are moving the processor to a 2.2 octacore snagdragon 626 from the previous model with a 1.6 octacore snagdragon 626. They are bumping up the RAM on some versions to 4GB, so definitely alot more power under the hood. The camera comes down from a 16 megapixel down to a 12; however, they bumped up the lens quality significantly and added a host of new features. This is a similar trick that Samsung has done on their past few devices and it definitely pays off. The device is now going to made out of metal rather than a full glass back and has a slight curve to it. This should help with people who have the droppsies!

The only downgrade to the device is that it drops to a 3000mAh battery from a 3500mAh battery. This was forfetied to make the device noticeably thinner however it drops the battery from 50 hours down to 30. This is a little disappointing considering how amazing the battery is on the original Moto Z Play. I still use this as my current device and can honestly say it’s probably the best device I’ve ever used. I once got 56 hours off of a single charge! Early testers say they still get all day out of the device. The device will be coming to Verizon Wireless and unlocked directly thru Motorola themselves. Price is reported to be $499.99 so a little pricier than it’s predecessor. Motorola has a pretty good track record of the with their devices and I look forward to getting the phone into my hand to see if it’s worth the upgrade for myself. As I said I love my current Moto Z Play and more power and a better camera are welcome additions to me. Let’s see if the trade off for battery life is worth it.

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