Alien Covenant: What is it good for ________? (Warning: Chockful of spoilers!)

I felt as though I needed to watch it twice. (Wanna fight about it?) But I also needed to rewatch all the classics (Alien 1-3 and all the love from Prometheus). 

Here is the mini plot: The crew of a colony ship, bound for a remote planet discover an uncharted paradise. 

 I initially planned out two different articles with two very different opinions. At the beginning, I was left melancholy. I felt like it was at least worth it to watch. When the film started I was intent on writing a largely positive review, only to be thrown off by certain aspects of the film. Less than a week later, I ran to watch Alien Covenant again. This time, I walked out. I was going over it again, the past films and prequel and while it’s true that Alien Covenant is a quality big budget film, its writing is definitely lacking. 

If you all remember, Promotheus was supposed to explain the evolution of not just the Xenomorphs, but the engineers. We really got none of that in this film. It seemed as if the engineers were more like props and the aliens were more like dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. The aliens were less clever and just seem like they were just feeding and multiplying. I will admit that I enjoyed how the brought the Xenomorphs into the 21st century. Design-wise, they were just as scary as the 1979 original. I still am left confused as to why David chose to release the black matter onto the engineers. 

I would think there would be an interaction with them or they would have given him a reason to detect a threat. Then again, David’s motives other then being his own god is questionable. The mystery of Dr. Shaw’s whereabouts were answered, and quite frankly? I expected for a heroine to have a better end.

 There was speculation following Prometheus of different possibilities to her whereabouts, David using her as a human  incubator fell flat. It was expected with no excitement.  

Like I mentioned, set, graphics, actors and designs were top-notch! No corners were cut, but I suggest this film be watched like it’s a one-off with the same title. (Example: the abomination known as Alien Resurrection. UghI can’t unwatch that.) 

It’s a rough situation: If you’re a die hard fan? I say watch it for jumps and screams, but remember the horror theme is heavy and details are not. If reception means anything, I believe it’s not going to get another sequel. In fact, I was just made aware of this while writing this article, that current plans for Alien 5 are officially dead.

Covenant is the gift that keeps giving. 5.5/10

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