Fear The Walking Dead: Eye of the beholder /New frontier reviews 

Face what you fear, fear what you become… 

Fear the Walking Dead kicks off its third season with 2 back to back action packed episodes and a brand new tag line for the series, love it! They packed a lot into these episodes so let’s get started and spoilers below. I think FTWD did a good job of building alot of suspense in these episodes, starting us out by dragging the Clark family thru the dessert into a small compound where we see them numbering the dead for experimentation. The tension builds as we see soldiers executing prisoners one at a time. This felt very reminiscent of the Terminus scene in the main series. We meet Troy who turns out to be a psychopath and who I can only assume will be the main antagonist for this season. It seems Madison tried to further give us a sneak peak of this by making him match TWD’s the Governor. Ouch!  Later we meet his brother Jake who seems to keep him in check when he’s around. We see the family reunited, then separated, then reunited, then separated yet again thru the premier. I love how they play with Madison and Travis’ emotional connections thru out the episode, it was a good depiction of what it would be like for a real couple to go thru this. We don’t see Nick have too much action in these episodes, but we do see that he has been caring for Lucy after her gunshot wound and won’t give up on her.  I really feel that FTWD is trying to go for the heart strings with this series, after all they have free reign since there isn’t original source material.

This premier was definitely a roller coaster ride in terms of emotions and locations.  We see them overrun at the compound by walkers, a possible glimpse of safety at a farm and we flash to see Victor controlling a growing crowd with his lies. Doctor Strand? Really? We get a little closure on some of his interactions here, but how did she not turn before he showed up? She hasn’t eaten in what looks like weeks. We find no signs that Chris survived leaving us to assume he did die last season. In true like father like son fashion we see Travis shot in the neck and throw himself from a helicopter in front of Alisha! I know they say don’t believe they’re dead til you see a body but I’m not sure there would be a body left after that drop. Jake has to deliver mercy to his wife and his father has to make sure Madison isn’t going to endanger his people with suicide after learning of Travis’ death.  We leave the episode with Madison, Nick and Alisha deciding what there next move is. When a grief stricken Madison says she is planning to stay at the farm no matter the cost. They are really starting to develop her as the Rick of the series and I like where it’s going!

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