Nintendos New Online Has a Few Surprises

News of Nintendo’s upcoming online services are starting to pour in just before E3.  Over the last 2 days we’ve seen photos of what those services will include, and how to use them. First and foremost, a few days back, we were shown Hori’s new headset for the highly anticipated Splatoon 2.  

Squid or kid, the headset looks hot

Looking like it came straight out of the game, we see this beautiful headset that looks like a good light weight mid-ranged peripheral. The new squid speakers have drawn a good deal of criticism though for how they will be implemented though. Below we are shown how the mobile app connects to a controller which then wires into the system itself, giving you stereo sound and chat.  The design, while looking somewhat cumbersome, does looks pretty in line with industry standards for wired headphones.  Hopefully the shorter cord and small control will prove to make a good compromise for mobile gaming.

While not perfect, the design does suit portability.

Also on the new docket, we have a few new details on how the upcoming paid online services will work and what they will be.  The image below shows us a few details, including a fairly easy $20 yearly fee and premium deals for subscribers.  Interestingly enough it seems the free classic games they promised us will have included online multiplayer experiences.  So that could mean jumping in as Luigi to stomp some Goombas with another player from around the world in  Super Mario Bros. 3.  The only downside from this list would have to be the exclusion of free online voice chat through the mobile app.  This is still unclear whether Nintendo intends to roll out voice chat post launch, or just have the subscription all variable for purchase at Splatoon 2’s launch.


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