Apple WWDC 2017 highlights 

Yesterday Apple held its annual WWDC conference to announce some it’s new gadgets. We’ll get this out of the way now, no new iPhone was announced as many of us assumed since this month is their 10 year anniversary of the original iPhone. However iOS 11 was announced which would give new features to existing iPhones and the new device (devices) later this year.  The new features bring the ability to send money to someone via Apple Pay. A revamping of control center that aims to reduce clutter and be more 3D Touch focused. A more natural sounding Siri and an upgrade to do not disturb to for safer driving. Good call Apple.

Apple announced their attempt at the home speaker/ assistant with HomePod. It will operate using Siri and will be able to use Apple Music making this a nice alternative for an all Apple household. However this being Apple it comes at a hefty price tag of $350. This is in direct competition with Google and Amazon so let’s see how they handle this considering Google Home and Echo cost almost half that. Maybe we should ask Alexa?

A new iMac Pro was announced sporting a 5k display, better cooling capacity and an 8 core Xenon processor that is upgradable to an 18 core. It bolster a up to 4tb and 128GB of ECC memory as well. Pricing starts at $4999 while the new Macbook Pro starts at $1299. The non pro variants get a few upgrades with a retina display, Kay Lake processor, graphics cards for Vr content and USB-C. Pricing starts at $1099.

The Apple Watch will recieve an update as well. With watchOS4 users will get fitness push with more up to date personalized progress, a new High intense interval training workout, improved Swim tracking, and it will now be easier to switch between workouts. Do not disturb automatically sets when you start a workout as well. Siri now has a watch face that will display info that is pertinent to the user such as traffic updates and calendar entries. Syncing an Apple Music playlist will now be significantly easier.

Saving the best for last Apple has announced new iPad Pro’s. They will do another 12.9 but in a twist have upped the traditional size to 10.5 claiming it is 20 percent bigger. With that Apple will double storage sizes offering 128, 256 and 512GB models. It’s about time they give more storage considering most people use tablets to replace computers. iOS11 looks to add extra features to the iPad as well. There will be improved multitasking similar to a Mac or PC,  going back to my previous point about storage this is important for laptop replacement. Users will be able to drag and drop pictures from within one application to another. This seems to be a really cool feature that could prove useful for increased productivity. Overall Apple seemed to have quite a few exciting things to share. Now if we could only get the new iPhone.

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