Awaken Online: Precipice (Book 2)


Spoilers ahead, if you have not read book 1, proceed at your own risk


We quickly begin right where Catharsis ends, Jason unable to log out and meets Alfred for the first time. A few days have passed in the real world and Jason fights within himself wondering if he should ever enter AO again after what unfolded. After the battle with Alexion, Jason becomes the Regent of the Twilight Throne, and as his first task he decides to explore the Keep. In doing so he learns he has full control over everything the city has to offer. This leads him to his main issue and problem; his undead army has no way of reproducing. Once they die that’s it, the population can’t grow. Undead do not eat, sleep or procreate. Jason comes up with a genius idea (as always) and it involves the closest Dungeon near Peccavi. He leaves Morgan, Rex and Jerry behind to maintain order and run there respective schools, and training grounds at the Twilight Throne. With that begins his journey to Peccavi with Riley and Frank. In the meantime while all this is happening Alex also re-enters the game angry and furious after his loss. His reputation is trashed, armor and skills taken away and no place to go. This is until he meets the god for the light affinity while wondering the streets of Grey Keep and she gives him two choices, both of which have very different outcomes. Will Jason be able to grow his undead population and what exactly is the god of lights plans for Alex? Read it and find out!


Short and sweet. Everyone is back from the first book – Jason, Riley, Frank, Alex, Morgan, Jerry, Rex, Claire and Robert, etc. A couple of new characters make there appearance including the comic relief of Pint the tiny imp who was the size of Jason’s hand. His responsibility is to guard the Obelisk in the Keep. We also meet the god of light and we meet William who is the town leader of Peccavi. There are a few other secondary characters, villains and allies you will meet along the way but I can’t give it all away!

Final Thoughts:

This book does you dirty, but in a good way. The ending of the Book will have you begging for book 3, which of course if your reading this welcome to the party. You are in the same boat as of all of us now.  Travis did inform everyone that he is working on Book 3 and there may be a possibility of a Book 4. I can’t hype this book up anymore than I already have. This is a MUST read for any LitRPG fans out there. For those of you curious about the genre this book set is a fantastic place to start and Travis does it again.


Rating – 5/5 

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