Infinite Universe Mobile Review: “A Shame of a Game”

Have you ever played a game so horrible you wanted to break a wall? Back in my younger days the racing game called “Juiced” once held that title. I never thought the day would come for that title to be taken. That is until the day I started to play Infinite Universe Mobile.


If you decide to download the game (you might not after reading this review) once its finished setting up you’ll be greeted by the most advanced tutorial ever created; an encyclopedia. Yes you read that right, you don’t get a step by step walk-through of how things work like other mobile MMO’s. Instead, you get to read about how things work and what to do. Even that does explain exactly what to do unfortunately. So what do you do then? I want to explore the galaxy and blow stuff up! How can I do that? Short answer: you can’t and once you do you’ll get bored with the game so much so you won’t care you can now fight other space stations.

Who needs a video tutorial when you have literature!

What you can do is traverse the seemingly endless void of space collecting resources from various moons and planets. You can then use your resources to build spaceships, improve your space station modules, learn some sciences, and wonder why you’ve wasted your time playing this. When I tried to learn new sciences to expand my space station, I was greeted with more frustration. Some of the buttons and links don’t actually work unless you touch the icons in a “certain” spot.

The resource use dynamic is common in most mobile MMO’s. Take Lords Mobile for example, it uses the resource system to help you build your castle and armies. What’s cool about that is that most of it is animated. Not the same for Infinite Universe. It instead relies on the very long encyclopedia to inform you about things that are happening in the game, things that could happen, and also things you should be doing but simply can’t due to the games lack of guidance on where to start.

At least you can give the developer feedback

Overall this game is not for the modern-day gamer or any gamer at all really in my opinion. Unless your into boot leg versions of dungeons and dragons, then this game is honestly not for you. Don’t take my word for it though. See for yourself and you be the judge.

Infinite Universe Mobile: 1 out of 5

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