Testpunch Shows Us All Nintendo Still Rules the Party

Nintendo is, in all intentions, trying to show itself as a different company with a newer, fresh vision of what gaming can be while not throwing away their classic values. The Testpunch for ARMS showed us a lot of things: clean mechanics, interesting characters, smooth frames, and great controls to name a few. There are two stand out features of this springy, flingy IP that I want to name though.

Yes her right ARM is ramen

The online play was flawless, and it is so gosh dern fun! One aspect that Nintendo has not had the best of luck with, the other they have always been supreme king of. Modern fighters need to work without any hiccups, and they need to be able to entertain a room, ARMS showed solid command of both over this weekend.   

Sitting down in my living room I threw a controller over to my friend who still wasn’t sold on the game. She decided to keep playing her recurring nightmare of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.  So I took it upon myself to try the one player party mode myself; figuring it was Nintendo being weird old Nintendo I dove right in expecting it to be a standard online play.  Falling into a quirky room with a bunch of disembodied fighter portraits jiggling around, mine clashed into another players and an expected 1v1 match began.  Taking my preselected Min Min, I set myself up with a dragon ARM and a chakaram ARM, victory did not ensue.  After the enjoyable loss, I soon realized that the quirky room with all the disembodied character portraits was a lobby!  This is where the real fun began.

My little jiggling head slammed into two other and after a second of confusion I realised that I was randomly in a 1v1v1!  Next match was four flying faces collided, it was a 2v2 with each pair being tied together to create a really neat team battle mechanic.  My third match was most likely the biggest surprise the map was called volley ball, which made me assumed it would just be some sports themed arena, it was delightful!! Literally a rocket springloaded volleyball match.

Sports really need to implement these

After all three of those matches ended in defeat I was hooked, and my fiance was intrigued. She picked up the controller picked picked Ribbon Girl and we went back into the lobby de decapitación.  While our win ratio did not improve as a team we loved everything about Party Mode, it was fast it was smooth, and it was a extraordinarily good time.

Meet Twintelle, she’s awesome

We went into Team Mode stringed together and coordinated our attack. I sat out a match and watched her figure out the basics of limb slingin’, we actually won a match of Basketball.  Party Mode delivered and it was a wallet smashing sale of the ARMS experience.  The phenomenally different, clever fighter, ARMS, will be hitting store shelves (and cartoon faces) on June 17.

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