Our First Book Expo: A Professional Experience

I’ll start by saying this, since we applied to be at Book-Expo as media, the first thought was rejection since we were (and still are) such a small site and although growing in size monthly. Needless to say, we were shocked when we were accepted for a media pass and couldn’t have been happier to see the other side of the story so to say. If it wasn’t widely known there are two conferences/conventions in one Book-Expo, for professionals, publishers, media, etc  and Book-Con for the public interest. Book-Expo has drawn people from all corners of the professional industry, and to be honest we thought books were a dying breed until we went to this expo/convention, and found out how wrong that thought process really was.


Professionalism took a front seat at the expo, it wasn’t all doom and gloom like I thought it would be, but a data filled conference filled with statistics and general jokes and fun.

The panels were rather very informative to say the least. It personally has given me insight into the publishers world, as well as database systems, statistics, and buying routes in different age groups, geographic areas, and chronological aspects. This being our first experience at Book-Expo, the feeling of being “out of place” was overwhelming but was soon quenched as each panel had a confronting feeling. Besides the panels about Stephen King, and James Patterson, the panels were informational centered, including one titled “Readers and Authors” which centered around how readers influence authors interactions as well as within their books.


Now you might be thinking “Paul, atmosphere and environment are the same thing, aren’t they?” In fact they are not. The difference might be in the way the environment is, it sets a “status quo” or such of an arena and the atmosphere might be the way everyone else feels or mood of the surrounding area.

When first stepping into the Javits Center everything seems quite overwhelming, but once you gain your bearings its quite simply amazing. The display of celebrities, publishers, and the toys are amazing. The posts give first time views a glimpse into every kind of book that’s out there as well as new author’s you’ve never heard of and might wanna take a peek at! This image below was the line for James Patterson…Just to give you a look into the busy book life.


Even though I couldn’t stay the for the whole Expo as well as Con, it was a fantastic experience. This mistake will not happen next year, if invited back! It has given everyone a peek into the professional work, its workings, and how much people actually LOVE books. It gives credit to reading, learning, and falling in love in the written word for the foreseeable future!



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