Fear the Walking Dead: TEOTWAWKI 

“If you’re going to plan for the future, plan for a better one”

This episode starts with what appears to be a news flash of society breaking down. It then cuts into an infomercial showing a young Jerimiah Otto trying to sell apocalypse survival kits. It shows him giving away a survival bucket if you call now! The End Of The World As We Know It is the title’s acronym and the infomercial was my favorite title cut of the series. We see the Clark’s at Charlene’s (Jake’s wife) wake and they seem to blame Madison and Alicia for her death before asking the important question of who actually brought down the helicopter. Troy is waiting for Madison in her bunk telling her he picked her and not Nick. She tells him they are a package deal but he still shows his distaste for him. Victor drives up through a line of people waiting for water and is thrown to the ground looking for his friend Dante.

Alisha was offered to come to bible study with other teens and insist she’s Jewish to get out of it. Madison tells Jerimiah he needs to keep Troy on a leash and tells him everything she saw him do. Jerimiah seems not to care and instructs Jake to show her the tapes. Jake sets her up with some old infomercials and outtakes where we see Jerimiah and his wife argue and it turns out they’re both drunks. Jake wants Troy to stay away from the Clark’s and calls him out for what he is. Alisha gets brought to the Bible study in a basement it turns out the teenagers are using it as an excuse to drink and get high, I didn’t expect that at all.  The kids introduced us to Jeff who turns out to be a walker’s head in a cage who they use like rotting magic 8 ball.

We saw Victor reunite with Dante and sit around and reminisce about old times. Victor tells Dante that Thomas died and you can see it upsets him a little as they were old friends as well. Later we see Victor brought out to a dam where Dante pushes a Cartel member off of it justifing it by saying people like him are no longer needed in this world. Dante’s thugs bring Victor to him where they hang him off the dam as well. Victor begs for his life and tells him he can be useful. After considering it he spares him and says he’ll pay his debt and wants to make him feel powerless like he made people feel.

Madison and Jerimiah have a heartfelt discussion about their children and he shows her a basement filled with supplies, weapons and of course survival buckets, nice touch. Troy brings Nick out hunting wild boar with him at night since boars are nocturnal. Nick knocks Troy down and puts a gun to his head asking him how long it’ll take before he turns. Troy responds 87 minutes and offers up his notes in his pocket in the name of Science. Nick calls him out saying he isn’t a scientist before pulling the trigger and missing on purpose. Troy tackles him and Nick starts laughing uncontrollably. Troy offers him his friendship. Jerimiah discusses Outpost Alpha and how the people are missing. He sends out a search party consisting of a Troy and Madison which I’m assuming we’ll see more of next week. We end with Victor in a cell when a canteen of water appears in the window bars. He grabs it, sniffs it and chugs it down. He turns to see Daniel of all people standing there telling him he knew he’d drink it all and saying he told him he’d save him. The season is shaping up to be pretty good so far and I look forward to seeing where they take it.

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