Everspace review: Just Don’t Even Bother 

If I had to pick one word to describe Everspace for the Xbox One it would be Unbeatable. That’s usually a good thing when it comes to a rogue type game. As we all know usually does not equal always. Do not get me wrong, I love a good challenge. I regularly play Spelunky to this day! Unfortunately it’s not the difficulty that makes this game unbeatable, it’s simply the unbelievably boring game play that is included within it. It becomes unbeatable in the sense that you will stop playing and never go back. I will give developers Rockfish some credit though, the game is procedurally generated so it’s a new game every time. The credit that is due is to them is that somehow they managed to make this game boring as hell. I find the irony in the fact that the company is called RockFish as those two things are both significantly more interesting when combined than this game is.

The concept of the game is to fly around space and make it to the next area. As I’ve stated before every time you play it’s a new game. My biggest problem is that every level is just blah. It’s almost as if the AI generating the level is so bored with the game it can’t find enough inspiration to create an interesting level. You are looking for a jump gate to make it to the next level. Somehow the gate is usually in your general vicinity of where you start a level and going through. It only requires looking at the green circle and fuel; however, you are given a choice wether you want to risk damage or not by having insufficient fuel. I was never penalized for this once. Sure I had the ability to go mine for ore or get into a dogfight but the game didn’t really reward me for it. In fact it almost felt like it punished me for it. The combat is absolutely terrible. The lock on targeting never seemed to work correctly and I would clumsily fire at my opponent while they performed the greatest dogfighting maneuvers ever. It almost felt like a storm trooper simulator at times. If this is the case no wonder a farm boy, a princess, a runner and an overgrown dog took down the empire!

The graphics look good for what they are and were the best part of this abomination. The upgrade system was well designed too. Whenever you die you keep the previous perks giving you more power for the next run. However, these two were not enough to save terrible controls, boring level design and a story that comes together like fan fiction written by a Flat Earth enthusiasts that has wet dreams about Stephen Hawkins. Do yourself a favor and spend that $30 on Dennys or Taco Bell, at least there will be some satisfaction before it rips you apart from the inside out.

Score: 1 out of 5

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