Crackdown 3 E3 trailer

Microsoft showed off the new trailer for Crackdown 3 and it seems to maintain the cell style of the previous installments. There was a lot of explosions and for some reason… Terry Crews? Chris Rock’s dad aside, the game play supposedly goes back to its roots and I for one am glad to hear it. Single player will be angled more towards saving the city while multi-player will be geared towards destroying it.

The game will take on the same format as the previous two games: taking down enemies and generals in the order of your choosing while you search the city for orbs to power yourself up to super hero status. Your agent will be dropped on an island with an antagonist who has built his lair into a volcano because who cares about story when you can blow everything up? That being said, I’m excited to try this out when it releases November 7th.

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