God of War E3 trailer

Kratos is back! And this time, he looks like he’s doing a little father/son bonding. It appears he was finally able to move on from his prior family being slaughtered and started a new one! Good for him, I guess? The trailer appears to show off kind of an Old Man Logan or The Last of Us dynamic where his son, Atreus, journeys with him and needs some protection. There even appears to be some game time as the little guy. This time around, he is north and involved in Norse mythology. We’ll definitely be seeing a whole different breed of monster here.

Absent, however, were Kratos’ chain blades. This is a game changer for the series as he’s had them since his first outing in some form or another. Sony and Santa Monica Studios showcased their latest creation at E3 with a release of next year. I’m looking forward to stepping into Kratos’ shoes again when it releases.

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