E3 News: “Xbox One X Marks the Spot on Your Wallet?”

So let’s address the elephant in the room; a $500 price point on an all new powerful Xbox console. With Microsoft using the term”true 4k”, it’s no wonder why the company believes so much in its PlayStation 4 pro competitor. Yet is it truly worth it? That honestly depends on how you look at it. Whether it’s from a graphical, economic, or game stand point, either way you look at it there are quite a few variables to consider in each perspective.

Now I can of course show you on a table, graph, PowerPoint presentation, a piece paper, whatever, of how each individual console stands out spec wise. In all honestly, not all gamer’s understand those types of numbers, terms, and context of what they mean. Unless you’re a PC gamer then I would expect you to define every computer term known to man. So for that reason I’m going to break it down into three simple categories as to what console you should consider getting yourself this holiday season.

Let’s be real here. Unless you own a 4k TV nowadays, you truly can’t tell the difference between a 1080p or 4K resolution unless the two were sitting side by side. The PS4 Pro has an ability to upscale games to 4K like quality (hence why Microsoft was on the true 4k bandwagon) even if you have a 1080p TV. However, if your TV is like mine, that has a 240 HZ refresh rate, you can still see a crisp, smooth, and vibrant picture quality. Having played Horizon Zero Dawn with a PlayStation 4 Pro is my attestation to that claim. Now the Xbox One X is supposed to have a similar HDR feature that does the exact same thing for consumers like me without a 4K display. So without a lot of 4K games to play, is it truly worth it looking at it from a graphics standpoint if you can simply adjust your display settings? It is. Why? Well, ask any PC gamer how much their graphics card cost alone, I promise you it would have cost more than the cost of the Xbox One X. This to me is well worth the investment, especially for the only exclusive title that looks promising, Anthem .

This is where things get tricky. The price point for a PlayStation 4 pro is currently $399.99 where as Microsoft wants to debut the One X at $499.99 due to its “powerful specs”. So is the extra $100 more than it’s competitor, not worth it but justifiable? Heck no. Microsoft did a similar stunt when they first unveiled the Xbox One with the supposedly mandatory, Kinect package. As we all know not everyone needed it and Microsoft felt the recoil of that decision from Sony when they did a price cut on the PS4. This caused Microsoft to later offer a “Kinect-less” package to stay competitive. That’s all Sony has to do to dig the knife deeper into Microsoft. Now if you own an original Xbox One like myself, this pill may be little easier to swallow. However, for Xbox One S owners, that’s a different story. The console has similar specs to the new One X. One X is of course faster when it comes to processing power and load times. You truly need this and it is something you should definitely consider. Even with that, all Sony has to do is issue a lower price point for the Pro and Slim models and allow their exclusive games to do the rest of the work. Which brings us to our final category.

Game Exclusives:
This is honestly a no brainer. PlayStation 4 has WAY more console exclusives than Xbox has currently. One of the reasons why I bought myself a PS4 recently. Even after this year’s E3 conference it still looks like Microsoft is digging themselves out of the “non-exclusive having” hole they dig themselves. Still, I don’t even think the company has realized they have a problem. By simply altering the definition to their will of what a console exclusive means, doesn’t mean the console has console exclusives at all. Ok sure you may have a game on a console for a short period of time and then developers decided jump the bandwagon to another. That still doesn’t define an exclusive title. Horizon Zero Dawn is an exclusive title. Gears of War is an exclusive title. Destiny 2 is an exclusive content title, not an exclusive console title. Microsoft needs to need learn the difference soon otherwise the company is going to be in for long 2018 fiscal year.

All in all, the announcement of the new Xbox One X was lackluster. From not having any exclusive titles to a high price point that is sure to make Xbox gamers go into a rage quit rampage, the announcement has failed to create a positive outlook on the future of Microsoft content in my opinion. Until Microsoft makes a price cut, I don’t see many gamers flocking to this new system immediately. Unless the company can make the One X go mobile maybe then will gamers stay up all night on Anson looking for systems in stock. I’m looking at you Nintendo!

The Xbox One X 1TB console will be released this year November 7th.


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