Why the Xbox One X is Good News for PS4 Pro Owners

On June 11th, Microsoft announced the Xbox One X, the third iteration in their Xbox One line up, and the most powerful console ever released. True 4k, Dolby Atmos, and yadda yadda yadda. You’re a Playstation guy, why should you care about Master Chief or Marcus Phoenix? You want to hear about Nathan Drake, Kratos or Aloy, right? Well the Xbox One X is actually good news!

It’s no secret that PS4 Pro support has been lack luster since release. With the Pro being the only platform that supports 4k or near 4k content, there’s been very little benefit for developers to create patches for their games. There’s an old saying though, all ships rise with the tide. Once the Xbox One X is released, and both major platforms (sorry Nintendo) offer 4k support, developers will have much more incentive to update their games. Microsoft are already making a hard push to get developers to release upgrade patches. CD Projeckt, who have never bothered making a graphics patch for the PS4 Pro, have announced that alongside their XB1X patch, they will be releasing a PS4 Pro patch. As Microsoft push to create more content for their platform, the PS4 Pro will get more content as well!

This means that alongside their great exclusives, PS4 Pro owners will get loads of new 4k content. It’s win/win! There may still be a slight graphical rift between the two systems, but it doesn’t matter. 1440p? 4k? In the end, everyone will end up with a library of third party games that take full advantage of their expensive, new hardware and push video games forward.

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