Blame!… An Anime Movie We Should of Seen Coming

If you are a fan of the series Knights of Sidonia, then you’ve probably seen a scene with the lead protagonist, Killy, within the show. In season 2 episode 8 the characters were all gathered around a TV watching Killy destroy one of the main enemies in Blame!; a Safeguard. When the episode first aired I had no idea that the “movie” the characters were watching was actually a “preview” of an adaptation of the manga Blame! that the creator had made prior to Knights of Sidonia.

Tsumugi and company watching killy destroy a safeguard.
“Looking for the net neutrality gene”


“It all depends on our support ” said one of Tsumugi’s friends to ease her worries about what would happen next to Killy after firing his Gravity Hand Cannon. Little did we know that this was in fact a small preview of what was to come later with debut of Blame! the movie.

Now airing on Netflix, Blame! tells a very dark technological story about humanities greatest foe; technology. Humans for millenia have adapted to live in isolation many miles underground, after a “contagion” infected a system of robotics that were made to help humans build things quicker, protect mankind, and help humanity be more efficient. The contagion compromised the system and decided humanity was a threat to its existence and needed to be eliminated. At one point in time, humans were able to control the machines with the ” Net Terminal Gene”, and apparently every human in the world was able to control them. Now that many years have passed all of those left with the gene have been eliminated by the safeguards. Killy is now searching a thread of hope for a remaining human with that gene to reclaim what’s left of mankind.

With a dramatic ending, Blame! The movie and even the manga have left fans hanging, yearning to know more of Killy and the sacred city of humans miles deep underground. Although very short to tell the full tale, the movie was very good. Even those who have not read the manga should watch this dark technological anime. Hopefully with the way the movie ended anime series adaptation will be in the works!

Review: 8/10

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