Fear The Walking Dead: 100

After the reveal last week that Daniel Salazar was alive, the producers of FTWD decided to dedicate a whole episode to him and did not disappoint. Let’s get started and as always spoilers below. We see Daniel shambling down the road with an injured leg unclear if it’s a walker or him at first. After an attack by some walkers he is saved by a man named Efrain who takes him back to his hideout in what appears to be a market. Every Tuesday at 5 o’clock a water fountain gives out a little water that Efrain calls a little miracle. Efrain brings Daniel to a group of his that works as kind of freedom fighters underneath Dante’s nose. We are introduced to Lola who immediately in a very graphic scene removes the rot off of Daniel’s leg with a very small dull blade, Ouch!

Efrain and Daniel are out scavenging for supplies. Efrain has a very interesting method of taking out walkers. He pins them down and hammers a nail into their head while delivering them last rights. This prompts Daniel to ask if he’s a priest. Efrain implies he’s everything before they pack up for the night. Later we see Daniel show his thankfulness to Efrain by giving him a haircut. I almost forgot Daniel was a barber when the outbreak started. Efrain finds out Daniel was military and ask how many people he killed to which he replies 96. This shows that it carries alot of weight on Daniel, that his body count is so high and he remembers each and every one. When Efrain passes out Daniel tries to sneak away and is overtaken by some walkers. He encounters the biggest walker I’ve ever seen and defeats it thru…. prayer? Alrighty then.

Daniel is saved once again by a cleanup crew run by Dante. They bring him to Lola who tells her boss JC he is the new janitor and sneaks him in. Lola has been working under JC and Dante to gain access to the water and deliver it to people across what is now basically a wasteland. During lunch Dante walks into the cafeteria and everyone stands but Daniel. JC starts an altercation with Daniel which results in Daniel stabbing his hand with his fork. Dante recognizes that Daniel is military. He reveals a tattoo on the inside of his lip confirming he’s CIA ┬átrained. He ask how many people he’s killed and Daniel replies “too many to count”. This shows he doesn’t trust Dante. Dante gives him a job looking for who is stealing his water. When out on patrol with Dante’s men they go into Efrain’s hideout and find the water fountain, Daniel sees its almost 5 o’clock and points out Efrain as the water thief. Back at the dam Lola and Daniel get into an argument and Daniel tells her that he had to because they would have discovered the fountain otherwise. She believes he is a traitor and storms out.

Daniel is on duty and we see Victor come into their camp thru Daniel’s eyes. There is an extended scene from their meeting last week. Victor tells Daniel that they thought he was dead. He then tries to get Daniel to let him out by telling him about the hotel and that Ofelia is waiting for him. Daniel calls Victor out on his lies and tells him he’ll die in that cell. He leaves and walks into Dante beating Efrain to interrogate him. Lola watches but we see concern on her face as well as her disgust for Daniel. Dante asks Daniel to take over. Daniel tells Efrain if he talks they’ll kill him and Lola, if he doesn’t talk he’ll kill him, but he’ll make it as quick as he can. He then proceeds to start beating him. Dante wants more and Daniel grabs a hammer, as he swings Lola stops him and protects Efrain. We see Dante, his 2 goons, Daniel, Lola, Efrain, Victor and the worker that helped Daniel earlier all on the edge of the dam. Dante’s thug pushes the worker off the dam. Dante wants Daniel to push Lola off. Daniel then headbutts the one thug, takes his gun and shoots both thugs and Dante. He then hands the gun to Lola kneels done and asks for forgiveness. That’s where the episode ends. By the way, the whole episode is in Spanish. However it was such a captivating episode you would never notice. Well played Fear The Walking Dead.

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