Attack of Titan Season 2: “Questions With No Answers; Manga Explains It All”

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Why does Eren have the ability to control Titans? Can any human become a Titan? Who the hell controls the beast Titan? All of these questions and more arose after the season 2 finale of Attack on Titan. If you have read the manga then you know exactly what’s going to happen at this point in the story. Those of us solely watching the anime have been scorned every season with more questions.

Eren’s ability to control Titans:
After watching the only remnant of his past, Hannes, suffer the same fate as his mother at the hands of the “smiling Titan”, Eren suddenly gains a new resolve and throws a punch at the “smiling Titan”. Unknowingly, after the punch numerous Titans that were busy trying to eat everyone up, suddenly made a mad dash for the “smiling Titan”. Reiner in his armored Titan stated he wish the power of the king had not fallen in the hands of Eren due to his tenacious hate and resolve to destroy all Titans. This confirms that the source of becoming a Titan stems from a form of hierarchy that is slowly being revealed. Or those one of a higher statue have a formula, like the one Eren’s father Grisha injected into Eren, to force humans to become Titans?

Can any human suddenly become a Titan? 

Connie Springer, the buzzcut hero of Ragako village, towards the very end of the final episode reveals a startling discovery. All of the humans at the village appeared to have become Titans some how. This included Connie’s family. The Titan found laying on top of his home is believed to be his mother. The Titans face shared a shocking resemblance to a photo of his mother that he had found within the debris of the destroyed village. Do does mean someone is purposely making humans into Titans for so sort of gain?

Who controls the Beast Titan?
At the very end of the episode we finally get a glimpse of who the beast Titan is. His glasses, blonde hair and formidable figure indicate this is not a being to be trifled with. The confident beast Titan says, “not yet, eh” as he’s casually sits atop of what appears to be wall Maria – we couldn’t tell. This can only mean he plays some type of key role in possibly in capturing Eren? Or maybe something else even bigger than Eren? The fact that we know the beast Titan is fairly smart in Titan form, we can’t imagine what the human form is truly capable of. This short season has left us on a very high cliffhanger.


Although season 2 was only 15 episodes, we’re hoping that next year with season 3 comes at least 20-23 episodes. I don’t about you guys but I immediately wanted to see more right after the last episode 37 “scream”. Alas, at least we don’t have to wait as long as we did for season 2. According to the trailer below season 3 should debut sometime winter 2018. This could mean as early as January to as late as September. Either way we won’t have to wait for long. Now time to catch up on all those other anime you’ve been procrastinating to watch.


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