Transformers: The Last Knight (Big ol’ Frickin’ Fun!)

Usually, I think that prequels or sequels are doomed; like there should be a cap or like a “Come to Jesus” moment. (Like, “Let’s make a sequel!” …how about no?) I enjoyed the first series of films (starring Shia Lebeouf), however, they just never stuck with me. While I do enjoy Shia Lebeouf, I just could not bring myself to like the stereotypical Autobots they constantly swapped/switched out. They just kept adding characters and dialogue that was just honestly rather repetitive and bland. Well, not much has changed, but the addition of Mark Wahlberg; it seems like the film took a more substance-driven direction. In The Last Knight, the added “origin” stories make the film less shallow than its predecessors thanks to Cogman. (Heh… “predecessor” sounds like a Decepticon). By the end of the film, Cogman will be the best friend you needed but didn’t ask for.

The film takes place after Age of Extinction, it would seem like a year or so past between films and Cade is sort of this unintentional obstructionist, Decepticons and Autobots alike are leader-less, an unforseen threat approaches and the return of a very different optimus prime. How can I even forget Anthony Hopkins? He made this film even better. I really enjoyed moments between him and Cogman, they were utterly hysterical.

I cant get into too many details without ruining it for any interested parties. I will say this; if you’re like me and you’re looking for depth, tap into your inner Frozen Princess and “Let It Go“. This is a film geared towards the graphics, effects and the lois theatre “booms”from the speakers. Not to say The film isn’t fun or exciting(which it is); just go and enjoy it, but don’t hope for any deep moments or Starscream. What drew me in initially was Mark Walhberg as Cade Yeager, then I saw Gemma Chan as a character (Quintessa). I’m not going to spoil what her character gets into –

– but she is part of the main cast of my favorite TV series, Humans, which is on AMC/BBC. She was the perfect choice for Quintessa, I’ll leave it at that. To wrap this up, the best I can say about all this is that the Transformers are kind of expected every now and again. Whether it’s from the 1st film until the 5th, you can’t go wrong.

 (But you can. You really can, those weird twin robots in Revenge of the Fallen irked my soul).

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