Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2014): How About No?

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (or Wolf Girl and Black Prince) is a shoujo anime that ran from October to December in 2014. Now usually, I don’t do this… but, this show is absolute garbage.

It’s about a girl, Shinohara Erika, who is a pathological liar and everyone knows it. She has just started a new high school and she wants to make a new start and new friends. So against the advice of her best friend, she lies to the two “cool girls” (see: terrible people) in her class and tells them that she has a boyfriend.

(Erika Shinohara)

After exaggerating about how in love they are, how kinky he is and how much sex they have, the girls have finally had enough of the mystery and want to see a picture of him. Erika is suddenly caught in a lie with no way out. Painted into a corner, she sees a hot guy on the street one day and snaps a picture of him. He notices, but she is too much of a coward to do anything but run away; she assumes she’ll never see him again, so she doesn’t owe him anything. She finally has her proof that she has a boyfriend. She shows her “friends” the picture and they are stunned. The random hot guy she took a picture of was the school’s prince charming, Sata Kyouya.


(Sata is one letter off from Satan, which this douche-canoe is.)

After panicking, she confronts him to ask a ridiculous favor: to step into the role of being her kinky boyfriend that she’s had tons of sex with. With a smile, he obliges, but his expression soon turns dark and he presents her with an ultimatum: he will be her boyfriend as long as she becomes his dog.


(How about no, shitlord?)


At first, she has some self-respect and is a likable character, then she decides she would rather sacrifice her self-respect and be his dog, rather than having any sort of integrity and admitting she’s a pathological liar.

This anime isn’t just bad, it’s absolutely problematic and showcases the worst type of abusive relationship. The premise, story, and characters are so incredibly bad, I don’t even remember the music because I was so aghast. The only decent thing about the show is the opening theme (“*LOVE GOOD TIME*” by SpecialThanks) and the character designs. There is literally nothing else redeemable about the show.

As the show goes on, things go downhill quickly. Kyouya is a disgusting, emotionally and mentally abusive shitstain and Erika continues to humor him. Even when she stands up for herself and decides to break it off, he has his claws into her so far that she gives up and decides to give him a second chance.

The one part that stood out for me was an episode where Erika desperately wants to celebrate a typical Japanese Christmas with him as her boyfriend. She wants to go all out: presents, KFC, the whole nine yards. He agrees, apologizing for his terrible treatment of her; citing his shyness as his inability to say so much as a kind word to her. He finally tells her that he loves her and she begins to cry tears of joy.

Then he lets out a bitter laugh (I remember it because my heart dropped) and tells her that she’s “too simple” and “easy to mess with”. He laughs at her for being happy that he finally confessed. Everything he’d said was a carefully calculated ruse to purposefully hurt her and he was surprised that she threw a drink in his face and told him off?


(At least he’s hot?)

That’s not even the worst part of the show: the worst part is that they end up together in the end!! She excuses all his terrible behavior because he has mommy issues: mommy issues are not enough of a reason to be a literal human trash boat to someone you claim to care about!

This show is a tire fire and I really hope this review has helped you decide whether or not you want to watch it burn.

I give this show a -10/10, you never showcase and romanticize an abusive relationship.

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  1. Too bad I didn’t read this before giving this garbage a chance, but yeah. I pretty much knew from the start, that I will have a bad time, just after reading the synopsis of the show. I just had no idea, that it will be THAT bad and I am in terror thinking of what Japanese girls consider “romantic story”.

    I didn’t even finish this series. It should be played as a torture device during interrogations.

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