Fear The Walking Dead: Burning in water, Drowning in Flame

A man wakes up to find his wife out of bed. He calls her back but she doesn’t respond. We hear her growl as he gets up to get her before she lunges at him and bites his neck. It’s a sad sight for sure. We then pan over to see her dentures on the table and he picks up a revolver and blows both of their brains out in one last embrace. Doing so they knock over a lantern and burn the house down in the process. This all happens before the opening credits. Fear the Walking Dead is doing a fantastic job of making the opening scenes their own little mini works of art, here’s hoping for more of this.

We find the Clark’s wake up due to the fire of the house being ¬†burned down and the people that live on the farm trying to put it out. Otto stops them all saying they’re already gone, I assume so they don’t waste valuable resources trying to save the dead. Alicia is rocking a wicked hangover from “Bible studies” and has run in with Jake. She spills her coffee and he gives her his showing us that chivalry isn’t dead even if the rest of the world is. Madison and Troy head out with a small party in search of the crashed chopper and as always ride together so we can see more of the pseudo mother and son dynamic that is building between them. We see Victor and Daniel taking a lovely road trip to find Ofelia in the hotel being blocked off by walkers on the road. Victor keeps making excuses to Daniel as to why he won’t go through the herd. Daniel calls him out on it saying he thought Ofelia was waiting on him and that if she left he would just ask Madison and Alicia when they get to hotel. Speaking of Alicia, she kisses Jake and apparently gets a little post apocalyptic nookie. Didn’t his wife like just die though? ¬†Alicia notices a book entitled “Burning in water, drowning in flame” by Bukowski. He comments that Bukowski after sex isn’t classy, she replies that she used to love poetry and art but after the apocalypse what’s the point.

Nick investigates the burned down house and starts to clean it up. Here he has a heart to heart with Otto about several things like how this was his house once, how Lucy wants to leave but Madison wants to stay, how he was a drunk and became clean. Nick is conflicted on this issue and Otto tells him that only you can make you do what it is that you want to do. They discover the revolver all covered in soot and Otto tells him a it’s a beautiful tool and every house should have a gun.

Madison and Troy roll up to the area where chopper crashed and find it has been moved. Some of the guys want to go back but Madison is determined to find out who killed Travis. They find a building nearby and go in ready to kill but all three bodies have already been burned. They see an old man down on some rocks sitting in a chair talking to himself. As they approach him we see a crowd on his shoulder picking at his head, cut behind him to see he has been scalped and the crowd is eating his brain. Madison puts a knife to his brain fora mercy kill. She says they have to go and they hear a voice saying they only just got here. It turns out to be a group of Native Americans, they tell them that these people deserved it as they took out 2 of their men and stole their land. Now it’s time they take it back, from everyone. In what can only be described as the Indian version of Negan he tells them to give him their weapons, their supplies, their cars and their boots!

Victor and Daniel show up to hotel at night and see all lights out and no guards. Victor is very nervous as they go in and see what looks like was a slaughter. He tells them they should come back in the daytime. Daniel then tells him he knew he was lying, rings the front service bell and leaves him to die by driving off while Victor fights off the dead. We see him escape and run off. Madison and Troy try to make it back to farm before the Native Americans and she questions Troy’s leadership in front of his men. He wants to push on and she wants men to rest. She takes a vote and men are with her. Troy concedes and lets them rest but not before telling them he’s the only one who knows the way back and he’ll leave them there if they aren’t ready at daybreak. Nick surprises Lucy with a candlelight picnic in the burnt down house. He tries to convince her to stay, she gives him a kiss and snuggles with him. Nick wakes up and Lucy has gone. She left behind a note. Otto walks up and leaves Nick the revolver all cleaned up and walks away.

Fear the Walking Dead is really starting to find its own legs in this mythology they are creating and its interesting to see where they are taking us in this journey.

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