Death Note’s (2017) Second Trailer Raises More Questions

After watching the Video below, I find myself in the same place, asking the same questions about Netflix’s modern American adaption of one of anime’s greatest thrillers Death Note.  Why is it in the United States?  How can they still call him the protagonists alter, serial killing, ego “Kira”?  What are they going to do with all these characters in a modern American setting?  To my dismay none of these questions are really answered.



 I still find myself struggling to wrap my head around the first question, why Americanize a work so deeply steeped in Japanese culture?  Whitewashing has been an extremely unpopular practice, especially within the anime community.  That leaves the option open for them to take a higher ground and make a new adaptation keeping the basic premise.  They seemed to have tried to take a middle ground, keeping the name “Kira” an engrish version of the word killer.  Which doesn’t make sense how are all these American kids supposed to stumble upon the mispronunciation of killer in a Japanese accent?  That leaves are third unanswered question, the pivotal characters, all nameless so far.  We still seem to have the yin and yang that is kira and his opposite L, which I’m reserving my opinion on for now.

The only thing I can truly say that I liked in the trailer was the Apple loving Ryuk.  Dark, bored, and foreboding the character was recreated almost flawlessly, is William Dafoe giving me enough reason to let this show try and win me over still? Probably.  Due out in August 2017 the Netflix original film Death Note is sure to be interesting, one way or another.


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