Namco Museum for the Nintendo Switch to include classic bonus! 

Namco Bandai is set to release a new version of Namco Museum because they release it on anything that has electricity and a screen. However this version packs in a special treat. Fans that pick up a copy of the latest incarnation will receive the critically acclaimed Pac Man VS. The game was originally released for the GameCube and has been a bit of unicorn in the wild so giving a broader audience a chance to play this gem is fantastic news. For those of you who have never played the rules are a bit different but easy. One player controls Pac Man while up to 3 others control the ghost and try to catch him. The ghost only receive a small portion of the screen while Pac Man can see the whole screen a la regular Pac Man. The Switch will pull this off with the use of 2 consoles. One player will pair to a single Switch while the other 3 will pair to the other system. If you only have one Switch on hand 3 people can play to hunt down a computer controlled Pac Man. The game will release July 28th and retail for $29.99 also included in the collection are:

Dig Dug


Galaga 88

Pac Man

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder 2

Sky Kid


Tank Force

And Tower of Druaga

I’m also a little excited to get my hands on Splatterhouse and Dig Dug again. What games are you excited for?  Comment below and let us know.

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