Final Fantasy Trivia Contest: “How Much Do You Know About the Final Fantasy Universe

In light of our “Episode Prompto photo contest” having quite a few technical issues, we at ATQNE decided to change the game a little bit. The prize up for grabs is an official Moogle doll from Final Fantasy 15. She really needs home; kupo. The first person to answer the questions below correctly to our Facebook page is the winner! Simple right? The questions must be answered completely and spelled correctly. If an answer is spelled incorrectly then that question is deemed wrong. So take your time and make sure you have a Moogle near by to check your work; kupo! Once you’ve answered all the questions below copy and paste your submission into a Facebook messenger message and send to “All Things Quite Nerdy Entertainment”. Contest will close at 12:00am EST July 3rd and the winner will be announced the following day.

Good luck!

Please note: Each question is referring to the Final Fantasy series of that question’s roman numeral. Ex “VII” = “7”

I: What is the name of the “infamous evil knight”?

II: What is the name of the “mechanic-like” character that was first introduced in this series?

III: Which gaming system did this series debut on?

IV: What was the name of the system first introduced into the FF series that changed the way you ‘battled” in the game?

V: What were the names of the first original “Four Warriors of Dawn?”(name each one)

VI: What are summons called in this series?

VII: What was the name of the “high level materia” on a distant island that can only be accessed by riding a Golden Chocobo?

VIII: What was the name of the school Irvine attended?

IX: What is the name of the postal service used in the game?

X: What is Tidus’s “signature” blitzball move?

XI: What is the name of the world you are exploring?

XII: What is the name of the race of “bunnys” in the game?

XIII: What is the name of the being you become for failing to complete your focus?

XIV: What is the name of the Sharlayan scholar who introduced the “new threat” that needed attention?

XV: What is the name of the giant snake creature you fight in a valley that was also in FF7?

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