Fear the Walking Dead: Red Dirt

This week opened with Otto teaching Nick how to shoot. Not as exciting as the mini movies of the past few episodes but it will do. We see Madison and Troy’s group walk back to ranch on bloody feet since they lost their shoes to Indian Negan. After Mike spills the beans about the Indian attack it’s revealed that the leaders name is Walker and he was a lawyer that tried to repeatedly sue the Otto’s for their land as it once belonged to his people. Mike told his sister Gretchen that Madison saved their lives out there and she’s a great leader. That night the ranch is surrounded by 20 fires indicating Walker and his people are ready to take back what’s theirs. We find out that Jerimiah Otto suffers from migraines which suddenly made alot of viewers sympathize with him. It’s hard enough to deal with a migraine without a zombie apocalypse let alone with one.

We see some of the civilians taking stuff out of the pantry in fear as Troy tries to stop them. Mike, his sister Gretchen and their father Vernon try to leave. Troy tries to stop them and Jake and Otto get into a fight over it. Otto lets them go. Madison tries to talk with Troy discovering that Mike was his best friend and anyone who leaves is now dead to him. Troy then tells his men they need to be models and give these people the protection they deserve. Otto shows up drunk at Nick’s house and ends up shooting Nick’s floor with the revolver he gave him. He purposely injured his own hand to help with the migraines. Madison finds out about Jake and Alisha and gives her a very strange long overdue post apocalyptic sex talk.

The next morning Otto spies Vernon’s horse and him, Nick and Madison go after Vernon. They discover the RV that Vernon took and the family has been killed. Gretchen is freshly turned and eating the other horse and Madison hesitates to kill her and Nick does it instead. I think because she is Alisha’s friend, around her age and still looks human she pauses. This is good in showing she isn’t totally hardened by this world yet.

Madison reveals the bodies of Vernon’s family and addresses the ranch saying she has seen the damage that Walker has done and they need to fight him. Otto thinks Troy killed Vernon. Madison tells Troy she knows he did it and why. She tells him she doesn’t care, that he is the leader this place deserves and he needs to act like it. Not a super packed episode but next week is the mid-season finale and comes in at 2 hours. I’m expecting a war between Walker, walkers and the occupancy of the ranch. What do you guys want to see in the finale? Let us know in the comments below.

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