The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild: Expansion Pass First Impressions 

Nintendo recently released the first major DLC for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and I spent a little hands on time with it. Included in the DLC is several articles of clothing, a collection of shrine like challenges and a hard mode. Nintendo also added the ability to lay a fast travel point anywhere on the map making exploring easier when you run out of supplies or need to regroup. The original bonus of a Nintendo Switch Tshirt is still included. The remainder of the outfits are all acquired by doing side quest, which is an interesting way to let players collect everything and get a little bit more longevity out of the game. My personal favorite so far is Majora’s Mask. Wearing the mask allows you to walk by certain enemies unnoticed similar to Kilian’s mask but without grinding for monster parts. I wouldn’t press your luck with a Lynel though.  They seem to notice you fairly quick and I don’t think anyone wants to tangle with them, especially in Master Mode! The Phantom Armor acts very similar to the Barbarian outfit but looks incredibly menacing. The Tingle outfit is just plain creepy but good for a laugh unless you’re into that, but who am I to judge. The Korok Mask can be pretty useful since it will vibrate when you are in the vicinity of a seed. This should be helpful if you’re trying to find all 900 seeds to receive your golden poop, again if you’re into that kind of thing.

The trial of the sword is a serious dungeon grind and a blast. There are 45 levels of mini dungeons to go thru each harder than the last. You start off with nothing, similar to Evertide Island and work your way up like a mini Breath of the Wild game on its own. Your reward for all of this is a Master Sword that stays at full capacity and never breaks. Definitely worth the trouble!

Lastly is the new Master Mode which is Zelda speak for Hard Mode. All the enemies in Master Mode have been replaced with the next tier up in difficulty, a red enemy is replaced with blue, blue is replaced with silver or white and so on. Additionally there are now floating platforms containing baddies that will attack you from inaccessible areas. Nintendo has also placed enemies in places that they didn’t before including differ styles. The biggest and most notable example is that there is a Lynel roaming the Great Plateau. I can say with great certainty that it is definitely harder. The enemies themselves are more difficult, faster and regain health. Nintendo clearly was going after the Dark Souls crowd and I think they delivered. They are truly determined to make you their bitch and succeeded! All of this is available now for a measly $20 and worth every penny. That being said there will still be another DLC coming later this year and is included in the season pass purchase price. Awesome job Nintendo, keep up the good work!

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