Fire Emblem Warriors’ New Trailer Starts an Awakening

With the Fall release of Fire Emblem Warriors looming ever closer, we are finding more and more out about the game. Today, we have a new trailer showcasing Awakening’s characters in the story of the game. With returning voice actors we find ourselves journeying out with Chrom, Lucina/Marth, Fredrick, Lissa, and Robin. They seem to find themselves in a strange land reasons unknown. Wherein they stumble upon and lend aid to the royal twins, Rowan and Lianna, the main protagonists of the story for Warriors. The video below hold a few treats for us, including a unexpected class for Lissa and some magical happenings of unknown cause.


Hopefully we’ll be seeing a video out for Fates’ characters in a similar fashion soon. The new addition to Koei Techno’s Warriors series is looking to be something special for Fire Emblem fans. The “Warriors” series is a long standing real-time hack and slash that is highly praised for its most recent installment, Hyrule Warriors. Coming out on the Switch and the New 3DS/2DS family, Fire Emblem Warriors is slated to be out in September for Japan, and Fall for us out here in the West.

I have a feeling Lissa forced Freddy into teaching her a somewhat more deadly martial art. . .

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