Fear The Walking Dead Recap: The Unveiling: Children of Wrath

Fear the Walking Dead did a phenomenal job wrapping up its mid-season and honestly it was strong enough to be a season finale. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for that. They truly are putting themselves on the same playing field with its parent show this season. The Walking Dead has a high mark to hit for season 8 now more than ever. Time to dig in and as always spoilers below.

We see Jake on his way to Walker’s base when Alicia catches up to him and tells him Vernon Trimbol’s family is dead. He still feels the need to talk to Walker and she insist on going with him. They come to a gas station and diner which are his base. We learn his full name is Qaletaqa Walker as he approaches Jake. He is holding a machete covered in blood and drops a pig’s head in front of the pair. Jake tells Walker his father will never give up ranch and Walker responds that they’ll die and he’ll burn the ranch. At this point the waitress comes over and it’s revealed to be Ofelia Salazar! Alicia talks with Ofelia briefly. Alicia tells Ofelia about Walker’s kills and Ofelia tells Alicia that Walker was with her the night the Trimbols were killed. Jake and Walker come to a parley and Ofelia is a hostage for the ranch side and Alicia stays for Walker’s side. Jake brings Ofelia back to ranch and runs into Madison where they tell her about parley and Madison interrogates Ofelia about Walker. Jake tries to bargain with Otto but he won’t budge. Madison is angered since Alicia is there.

Walker shows Alicia around and they come to the chopper he shot down. Alicia tells him she was on that chopper and he killed a family member. He remarks she must hate him and that it’s good because if she multiplies that she’ll know how he feels. He shows her his relics including his great grandfather’s skeleton. He had to dig him up in order to prevent him from being destroyed by the Otto’s. She then tells him she’s been thinking how the afterlife doesn’t make sense since it’s so hard to get out of this one. He then tells her that the apocalypse really means a great unveiling. That it will shed the land of the impure and all will be returned to the first humans. Madison forms a plan with Troy and Nick to get Alicia back since Otto won’t honor the parley. We see Ofelia and Otto have a conversation and she’s clearly uncomfortable around him. It’s obvious she knows him but we don’t know how yet. Night falls and we see Troy sneak up and grab Alicia. She starts to fight back and they calm her. They have one if Walker’s men and kill him before running. Walker spots them and opens fire on them before they escape in a truck that Madison is driving. Jake tells Troy that he just declared war on Walker. Madison said she did it and Jake tells her it wasn’t her call to make. Ofelia tells Alicia it’s not safe and to come back with her, Alicia declines. Jake brings Ofelia back to Walker. He is beaten up and Walker starts to scalp him before Ofelia stops it. Tells him to tell Otto he’ll scalp his oldest son in front of him before he feeds him to the hogs and then burns Otto alive.

Walker drops Ofelia off at ranch. She tells them he kicked her out. Madison makes a case for her and Otto let’s her stay but Madison is responsible for her. They tell her she’ll work and Ofelia offers to help in kitchen. At the perimeter Nick, Troy and his troops keep an eye out. Nick asks if something happens at ranch what they’ll do since it’s a good distance away. Troy tells Nick they head back but leave a suicide note, someone to stay and fight til the end. Nick offers since he’s suicide proof. Alicia confronts Madison because she’s not sure if they are on right side anymore. She ask her if she’s certain that Walker killed the Trimbols, Madison stays silent on the matter. Meanwhile one of the perimeter guards falls over in pain and starts vomiting, then another and so on. The remaining ones run towards the ranch to find people throwing up and freshly infected everywhere attacking everyone who isn’t sick. Nick and Madison meet up amidst chaos. Nick sees Ofelia and calls to her but she starts to run away. Nick realizes it was her and he starts throwing up.

We are treated to a flashback of Ofelia wandering desert. Otto finds her and gives her some water. She asks for a ride and he refuses to bring her back because she is brown leaving her in the desert to die. Walker is on his horse and comes across her and brings her back saving her life. We snap forward and see her running from ranch where Madison snatches her out of a truck and beats her up. The next morning we see them loading the dead into trucks and treating the sick. Ofelia laced the coffee with a white powder but didn’t know what, Madison believes her. Madison then takes Ofelia back to Walker at gunpoint and demands to speak to him. She tells Walker she was the one who broke parley because he had her daughter. She tells him she doesn’t care about war and her son is sick. In what is possibly the most gangsta move during the apocalypse Walker tells her it was Anthrax! If her son is strong he’ll make it. He then lets her go since she’s more man than the Otto and he respects her. His fight isn’t with her and tells her to take her family and go otherwise she’ll die.

Victor sees his boat, the Abigail through the hotel window and heads to it. He scavengers through and finds a tuxedo jacket and some champagne. He puts it on and drinks to remember a life before all of this. Alicia takes care of Nick like old times, Madison comes back and tells everyone it’s Anthrax. The plan was to kill who he could and anyone left would be too weak to hold a gun. Madison and Troy led an attack on Walker’s people burning teepees, so they’ll use their water up putting out flames. Walker once again sees them and opens fire before they escape.

Nick starts to feel better and points out Jake is sick, Jake refuses to rest. Nick leaves his bed anyway and goes to his house to dig up floorboard where Otto shot when he was drunk. He said there was blood in the floor and finds a skull. He decided to¬†confronts Otto and Otto tells him that the founders killed 3 Indians; one of them being Walker’s uncle. The skull belonged to Walker’s father, he killed him when he came looking for his brother. Nick says land belongs to Indians. Otto says it belongs to whoever holds it, he held it and he still holds it. Nick tells him we’ll see who holds it and Walker is coming for it.

Nick shows Madison and Alicia the skull. Nick tells Alicia that Troy killed Trimble, this cements Alicia’s belief they are on the wrong side. Victor uses his radio on the Abigail and speaks with a cosmonaut. He tells him Russia went down and it spread through the rest of the world. The cosmonaut knows he’ll die there. This brings up an interesting theory though. Since he’s been in space would he turn? He wasn’t on earth to be infected. Maybe we’ll find out in another spin-off, zombies in space maybe? ¬†Victor burns the boat and takes off into that he night. Which begs the questions, why wouldn’t he stay since it’s a floating base or wait until daytime at least?

Madison reveals to her children that her father was a politician and a drunk. He use to beat her mother and her. One night she shot him and the kids look at her in horror. This explains so much of how Madison is able to survive in this new world. She’s had to carry so much burden already and seems used to it. Madison attempts to keep peace with Walker. She tells him she knows what happened and gives him his father’s skull back. He won’t take it and wants ranch. Madison finds Otto fortifying his house and tells him there is a way to avoid a war. He assumes that she’s going to kill him. She tells him no, he’s going to do it. He refuses and Nick comes in shooting Otto in the head. Madison tells him to leave and stays as Troy and Jake show up. They put him in a coffin and leave, Madison goes to visit Ottos’s coffin. Madison meets with Walker and delivers Ottos’s head to him. Walker turns around and walks away.

Wow! What a crazy episode! I’m excited to see where the producers take this series. They have done an exceptional job this season of making it stand on its own. When it started I knew it was a slow build up to something special and I was right. Good job Fear The Walking Dead.

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