Spider-Man Homecoming Review

In a turn of events that no one thought would ever happen. Sony and Marvel worked together to make Spider-Man Homecoming and am I glad they did. This was definitely the best portrayed Spider-Man on the big screen to date. Tom Holland absolutely killed it as the wall crawler. He seamlessly pulled off both Peter Parker and Spider-Man without any hesitation. Big props to this up and coming star.

The huge cast did a great job and there wasn’t a single weak link to be had. The group of kids all seemed to act with the ability of much more seasoned actors. There was a lot of unexpected celebrities during the course of the film and it was very enjoyable.  I loved Michael Keaton as the Vulture. He made him seem very menacing and the effects for him were great. It was good to see him back on the big screen. Watching Batman become a Marvel villain was awesome. Without spoiling anything, I’m not sure if this was intentional or not but the set up for the sinister six was very organic and DC should take a page out of Marvel’s book. The set up for the Justice League in Batman vs Superman felt very forced. They should have made it feel like a natural progression like Spider-Man did. The movie was cleverly written and sprinkled bits of humor throughout. I did not expect to laugh as much as I did. There were plenty of nods to fans. It’s the little things that make the difference sometimes.

There was also plenty of over the top action and visual effects. The crew did a remarkable job of bringing the web slinger to life. The CG and special effects never felt out-of-place and looked as though they were real. Definitely a MCU production through and through. Speaking of MCU the storyline blends so well into the canon that they have created. The beginning shows Captain America Civil War through Spider’s eyes and the way they delivered it was brilliant.  Sony definitely had their say through out as well. Xperia phones everywhere (seriously when’s the last time someone bought one? They are great phones but come on). Their TVs were all over, I’m honestly shocked we didn’t see someone playing the upcoming PlayStation game somewhere, though fourth wall is kind of Deadpool’s thing. Can Fox give Marvel permission for him to show up in MCU please? Him and Spider-Man team up in the comics anyway.

If you haven’t seen it already please do yourself a favor and make your way to the theater before it’s gone. This is definitely a must see and offers a huge portion of storyline to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My only disappointment is that Spider-Man won’t be in the upcoming Venom movie as I would love to see them explore that relationship. Seeing how Tom Holland pulled off the role I think him and Tom Hardy would play off each other very well. Maybe we’ll get lucky with the sinister six.

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