“Don’t Get Cooked – Stay off the Hook!!” – July’s Splatfest World Premiere!!

On July 6th, Splatoon 2’s Marina and Pearl announced the theme for the new Splatfest!! Are you ready??

The new Splatfest theme is… cake vs. ice cream! (Team Cake all the way!) The Splatfest will be taking before the actual release of the game. Cake vs Ice Cream will be duking it out on July 15th from 3pm(PT) to 7pm(PT)/6pm(EST) to 9pm(EST)!! If this is your first Splatfest, then you’re in for a lot of fun! A Splatfest is when the community of Splatoon players each pick a side and have an all-out war to determine what reigns supreme! In the original Splatoon, we got to pick from categories like: Cats vs Dogs, Cars vs Planes, even Spongebob vs Patrick!

Don’t forget, Splatoon 2 comes out July 21st!! Until we meet on the Splattlefield, stay fresh!!

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