Game of Thrones: Dragonstone Review – Spolier Alert  

Winter is finally here! Fans of Game of Thrones have waited a year for the return of the HBO series and I’m here to share my thoughts of the season premiere. The episode had a much different pacing than I am used to from the series. Usually I feel every moment on the show is used very carefully and each episode is something to be savored. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that in this episode. I found it moved very quickly and hope they don’t stick with this format for the whole season. I think they were trying to ease us back in before giving us the good stuff to be honest though.

 With that being said, overall the episode was solid. The biggest highlight is definitely the opening scene which felt as though it could have been a flashback. We see Walder Frey delivering a speech about failure to his men. Only to discover he poisoned them and it was Arya the whole time! A girl has no name indeed. I absolutely loved this scene and think it was a very strong opening. I think Jon refusing to listen to Sansa and wanting to give Castle Umber back to the children was a bold choice and shows a lot of character for Jon. I agree with his choice that children should not pay for the mistakes of their fathers. They are different people. Cersei seems to think Tyrion is a traitor and seems to want Jamie to think the same. Even when your girlfriend is your sister, you should still have her back. I think Cersei realizes that they are definitely outnumbered by all the invading forces. The fact that she is willing to enlist the Iron Islands shows that she feels cornered.

Sam finally has his opportunity to be a master and instead ends up being the Citadel’s slave. He was sent to learn to kill White Walkers and instead ends up scrubbing toilets and dumping chamber pots! I feel your pain Sam. How is it that one of the few men alive to have successfully killed a White Walker, is treated so poorly? However, he steals the book he needs because he isn’t going out like that!

I did find the cameo from Ed Sheeran a cool surprise. Introducing him by having him sing with his group of troops was a nice touch. Apparently Maisie Williams is a huge fan. Rumor has it, Sophie Turner is a giant Justin Bieber fan and wants him to show up; however, to be fair she was married to Joffrie earlier in the show so that kind of counts for something right? Anyway, The Hound is back!  This was very exciting and I for one would love to see him square off against The Mountain at some point. That would be a hell of a fight. The Hound does have a vision of White Walkers and I think this definitely is a premonition. We will most likely see them storm Westeros this season!

Sam’s discovery of Dragonstone seems like good news for Jon Snow and his troops. The big question is will he be able to get word to him in time and more importantly do we get to see Dragonstone Island? I also firmly believe we saw Mormont in the cell. His main concern was whether or not the Dragon Queen landed, also his skin was jacked up obviously from Greyscale. Daenerys finally makes it to Westeros! In fact she made it to Castle Targaryen. The architecture of the castle ruins is lined with dragons making it a pretty badass castle if you ask me. Upon entering the tattered war room she ask Tyrion “Shall we begin?” ending the episode. This implies that Daenerys is finally ready to claim her throne. I can’t wait to see what this season holds and I hope we get the war we’ve waited 7 years for.

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