War for the Planet of Apes review: It’s going down (No Spoilers)

So while I have seen bits and pieces of the 70s/80s iterations of Planet of the Apes series, and the 2001 film re-imaging by Tim Burton starring Mark Wahlberg. This trilogy starting with RISE, then DAWN and now War for the Planet of the Apes were simply just amazing. With the first two films, we watched as young Cesar started as test animal then became a leader against the humans.

In this film, it’s going down! The showdown between the apes against humans comes to a head. While it’s no ordinary civil war type of film, it definitely has plenty of action and viciousness through it. Tragedy strikes very early in the film and this pretty much brings the film to that point of no return for apes or humans. I was blown away by how sophisticated and intelligent the apes had become, implementing sign language and speaking. While it is a movie and not our reality, I’m trying to say that CGI and special effects, as well as, how they are coordinating their animal behavior while making them more civilized and intelligent. It definitely showed in DAWN and has only Progressed in WAR. Apart from Cesar, Bad APE appears in an eccentric fashion in the film. While little is known about him; he is hilarious and yet his story is heartbreaking. 

Maurice, Cesar’s advisor and voice of reason, has to keep reminding him to stay grounded when things have gone to hell. My second favorite has to be Bad Ape, who comes into the scene barely having contact with anyone (including  other apes). The other new characters include (while taking notice that humans main cast has dwindled down to really two) Nova, a lonely mute girl who Maurice rescues from a desolate place and cares for her. Then of course, Colonel McCullough played by Woody Harrelson. His performance was awesome, his character is ruthless and looking to end the rule of the apes. I won’t give away too many details as it’s a disservice not to give this film a chance. As a whole, I enjoyed the entire film. However, one thing I wished they would have given us a glimpse as to maybe their evolution after the films events. I know I am being greedy, but I guess I am hoping to see at least one more follow-up film. I suppose I’ll have to re-watch the first original films with Charleston Heston as lead. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the film and if you’re debating it, go watch it anyway lol.

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