The Destiny 2 Beta; “Why Destiny 2 Will Be Better On PlayStation 4”

For starters I would like to point out that I originally played Destiny on Xbox 360 and the Xbox One since its debut. I haven’t owned a PlayStation 4 until about a few months ago; due to exclusives being a rare sight in Microsoft land. My experience with Destiny in general was, like all Destiny players, a legendary adventure. From the first time I got a Gjallarhorn for finishing a nightfall, to the many Vault of Glass raids completed in order to get better stats rolls for armor, playing Destiny on my Xbox was a phenomenal adventure.

Now that Destiny 2 is officially launching in two months, I have decided based on the many exclusive content only available to PlayStation gamers, that I needed to jump ship. I am a hardcore Destiny fan after all. The exclusive strike Lake of Shadows is what truly sold me. Mind you, this is exclusive to PS4 users until Fall of 2018. This means that’s a full year of Xbox One players never seeing the light of this content. With that news in tow, I had to make the hardest decision of all; disband my clan on Xbox for a better experience under the Sony umbrella.

Although most Xbox One users are die-hard Microsoft fans, I have no doubt that Destiny players will be making the jump pretty soon if they have not done so already such as myself. There’s even a Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 White Console coming out that I seen on Amazon for pre-order. It’s safe to say PlayStation owners will continue to reign supreme in the Destiny universe. Now had Bungie offered the same content on the Xbox players, this of course would have been the same predicament. Only this version would have an Xbox One X. Alas, the corporate shadow is a devious one and typically the early bird usually gets the worm. Aka has exclusive rights with Sony since Destiny 1 was such a huge hit on PS4 compared to Xbox. All in all from a business perspective, it makes plenty of sense.

Now for Destiny 2! PlayStation 4 owners of the game who pre-ordered get the rights to have early Beta access which began on 07/18/2017 at 1:00pm EST. We were a bit late to the party, but you can see our stream down below all this week until the Beta has ended. Also keep a look out for a recap of all that we covered in the stream and somethings we may have missed in the Beta! By the way, fusion rifles are a lot more fun now. Check out the ruthless kill streak we landed towards the end of the stream.


PS4, Closed Beta: July 18th – 20th

Xbox One, Closed Beta: July 19th – 20th

PS4 & Xbox One Open Beta: July 21st – 23rd

PC: August TBD

Things To Do In the Beta:

Story Mode: In the opening mission players get to attempt to destroy the “Red Legion” before they are able to capture the traveler and all its light. Plus you get to meets “Destiny’s Bane”.

Strike Mission: A cooperative strike called “The Inverted Spire,” co-starring some really pissed off vex that were awake by the Red Legion.

PvP: There are two modes to choose from – 1. My personal favorite Classic Destiny Control on the new “Endless Vale” map with some tweaks you can see in our stream. 2 The new attack and defend “Countdown” mode for competitive play.

New Sub-classes: The new sub-classes are bound to be of particular interest to returning players. Warlocks get the “Dawnblade” class, Hunters the “Arcstrider,” and Titans the “Sentinel.” All three will be available during the beta.

The Farm: Destiny’s new social space, replacing The Tower should go live on July 23rd the last day of the Beta for just an hour or so.



07/18/2017 Stream

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