Paragon: “The Weak New Character Zinx”

This opinionated article is from one of our faithful readers and subscribers. He was so full of resentment towards this new update for Paragon that he wanted a stage to voice his opinion. So we gave it to him. Here’s what he had to say:

This week in Paragon, a new hero Zinx was released, a character that you should probably avoid
playing for now. After playing a couple of hours with Zinx the problem with this character that makes her stand out is her damage output is horrible. It’s been a while since Paragon has released a new hero
that was this bad from the start. Her basic and ability damage are both extremely weak. No matter how much power you have in your deck you still can’t do any damage with this character at all. She is just that weak. Don’t expect to go 10-2 or 15-0 with her as it’s almost impossible for her to kill a single opponent, let alone in one on one. Don’t get me started about team battle situations. With the type of movement she has you would think she would be a better newcomer to the enter the fray.

One of Zinx’s attacks is “Bad medicine”, which when fully charged leaves an electric current on the ground. It does ability damage on a direct hit and over the course of 4 seconds does AOE damage. Her next damage ability is “Kitty Claws”. When activated, her basic attack does AOE damage over the course of three seconds, while each shot when active cost mana. These are her only damage abilities in her kit. You would think that they would both make up for her weak basic attack damage output.

Sadly both of her abilities are too weak to bring an opponent’s health bar down by even half. Plus, Bad Medicine is too easy to escape out of as well. It would have been better if bad medicine applied “slow” to anyone who was caught in it. Then there is “Ricochet Stun” which launches a disk that stuns an enemy that can then. Like the name implies, ricochet and stun up to three other enemies within close proximity of each other. It could be a useful ability if only Zinx had the damage output to take advantage of it. Although the majority of time I have been bashing this new character there is always beauty in something that made appear ugly. For this cat-like alien creature Zinx its her ultimate ability called “Dirty Healing”.

Dirty Healing truly does live up to the name. It has both an active and a passive ability. The active ability creates a defensive barrier around Zinx which heals 50% of all damage taken but cost mana the longer she takes damage. Her passive ability however, increases her mana regeneration of the mana that she has lost. In terms of her mana bar she has little to no mana at all. Her mana regen will be around 53 mana regained per second and decreases as her mana bar fills back up.

Overall, Zinx still has a lot of potential and can maybe even be a top-tier character to use but as of right now her damage output is holding her back tremendously. Hopefully in the massive update, version 42, which is supposed to bring big changes to Paragon on general, Zinx Kit would be fixed as well. If and when this is done then she would be one tough character to beat.

Credits to Devaun Simpson

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