Spoiler Alert – Game of Thrones: Stormborn Review 

“Lords are sheep, Are you a sheep? No, you’re a dragon, Be a dragon.” Lady Tyrrell gives Daenerys this advice when Tyrion gives her council in war strategy. I think this embodies the very essence of The Khaleesi and Game of Thrones itself. We are marching ever closer towards war. All the sides are almost in place. We are seeing last-minute alliances form, but each has their own agenda. Each Lord or Lady, King or Queen isn’t a sheep, they are a dragon. They each will not be stopped until they serve their cause, whether its trying to take the Iron Throne, protect what’s theirs or just save lives. They each have a fire inside that will not be quelled. I believe this advice was heard by Daenerys, but was meant for all the characters.

This episode was very jam-packed and set up a lot of what’s to come. We see who stands with who. I think Daenerys and Tyrion recruiting Yara Greyjoy, Lady Tyrrell and Ellaris Sand of Dorne was a wise move. It gives them the Westerosi army they need to earn the trust of the people in King’s Landing and gives them a mighty navy. Unfortunately that Navy is destroyed at the end of the episode by Euron Greyjoy. That huge pirate battle was amazing! What will happen to Yara though? Speaking of this, who else is super angry at Theon for jumping over board? Come on Reek, your sister saved your life! I’m sensing he’s either going to have a redemption moment and save the day or get slaughtered later on.

Anyway Tyrion wanting to send the Unsullied to Casterly Rock is brilliant because no army could stand the might of these brave warriors. While we are on the subject of the Unsullied, what’s up with the Grey Worm sex scene? I understand him and Missandei were finally expressing their love, but how does sex work for a eunuch? On the subject of weird things, Jorah Mormont is almost completely covered in Grayscale and Sam is the only one willing to help. Say what you will about Sam, but he is consistently a stand up guy throughout the series. He was the first to take down a white walker, he rescued Gilley and is taking care of a child that isn’t even his. He should be fighting for his place on the Iron Throne! That surgery scene was pretty disgusting and looked insanely painful. I’m hoping we find out if it worked next episode and even more so I’m hoping Sam doesn’t get Grayscale.

I’m very interested to see where they take the Daenerys and Jon Snow storyline. She sends for him to bend the knee and he is traveling to Dragonstone for Dragon glass and allies. Could we see them rule the Seven Kingdoms together? Or will we see then try to destroy each other? Jon and Tyrion had a brief friendship before and I think Tyrion will use that to help bring them together. I however am concerned that since Jon left Sansa in charge of the North she’ll start to display some of Cersei’s tendencies. She has been sporting her old hairstyle lately. Game of Thrones could be using this to indicate alliance. I noticed during this episode that Arya was sporting the same style as her father Ned Stark. This was definitely an homage to her father as she sets off to destroy Cersei for all she’s done. HotPie finally returns telling Arya the Boltons are dead and that Jon is now King of the North. I strongly believe Arya is going to head to Winterfell to find her brother before she goes on to kill Cersei. Speaking of Cersei, it looks like she’s prepared to go dragon hunting. That was one big ass crossbow!

All in all, this episode definitely started to utilize every moment properly again. Thank you Game of Thrones. That is one of my favorite things about the show, they don’t waste time. I called it last week when I said they were easing us back in. If I have to make predictions for next week I’d say Jon and Dany will finally meet, Mormont will be free of Grayscale or at least on the road to recovery, he will also come face to face with Dany again and fight for her love. Theon will end up at Dragonstone and beg Jon for help, Arya will make it to Winterfell and reunite with Sansa but Sansa will turn her back on her sister and Cersei will do something evil. That last one is a given though. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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