Moto Z2 Force Release Date and Pre-order 

Motorola just officially put the Moto Z2 Force up for pre-order. This time however they will release it for all 4 major carriers. For those of you unfamiliar with the Moto Z line I’ll give you a brief run down. The previous models were Verizon exclusives and were the first phones to do the modular ecosystem right. On the back of each handset are magnetic contacts. It’s here where you can attach different modules. A speaker, a Hasselblad Camera, battery packs or even a projector! The first and last are my favorites. I’ve been using the Moto Z Play as my personal phone for quite a while and I feel the Z2 Force may be my next phone.

The Z2 Force will have a shatterproof screen just like the prior Moto Z Force. This is accomplished by making the screen plastic. It comes at a cost to the consumer. Since the phone scratches easier than anything else on the market, you will still need to invest in a case or screen protector. It just eliminates the heart attack moment of dropping your phone. This is relieving considering the $720 price tag, this can be more in some cases. This is about the going rate for premium devices nowadays though.

This time around they went with a very beefy Snapdragon 835 octacore processor. It will have 4GB of RAM so the device should handle anything you can throw at it. The camera went from a single 21mp on the previous model down to a duel 12mp rear cameras. The lenses quality has been bumped up so one should expect some gorgeous pics, and this is before adding on the Hasselblad Mod! The battery is where the drastically cut down. The prior generation had a 3500 mAh battery and went down to a 2730 mAh battery. This is disappointing however battery life should still be better than most phones on the market and users should still get a full day of use out of a single charge.

All in all a pretty nice upgrade from the prior models and it’s good to see that Motorola has branched out and shared the love with the other 3 carriers. I highly suggest looking into the Mods for the device as they enhance the experience greatly. For people looking for a bit better battery life and more affordability, they have also released the Moto Z2 Play recently for a smaller price tag of $408. Only one 12mp camera and no shatterproofing for the screen as well as a Snapdragon 626 octacore instead. Still a solid phone but not as much of a flagship as the Force. However this is a Verizon exclusive and if they are not your carrier of choice then this option becomes unavailable unless you’re considering switching. The Moto Z2 Force will release on August 10th and be a very nice alternative to the Galaxy line if Samsung isn’t your flavor of Android.

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