A Hail Mary For Ubisoft’s For Honor: “Dedicated Servers Coming Soon”

Think back to the time when For Honor was first released. Maybe you were just about to go on a “Legendary” kill streak, or maybe you were about to end someone else’s, suddenly it happens. The dreaded “synchronizing game” message pops up once again. Literally right after you’ve just spent ten minutes simply waiting to just start a match but that agonizing message got in the way – Every  Single Time! According to Ubisoft, that’s all going to change soon.

The people at Kotaku found out through a Ubisoft press release that dedicated servers are coming to For Honor finally. Something that has been long over due and has diminished what’s left of the For Honor fan base. So much so, that the community a few months back staged a boycott if things weren’t going to change. Seems like Ubisoft has listened not only because it realizes that the game’s “shared connectivity model” isn’t working, but mostly because the game is about to die from not having a dedicated server infrastructure in place. Having such a first of its kind combat system, dynamic multiplayer modes, old school Mortal Kombat esque finishers, and complex frame rate changes from move to move, it is definitely a game worth saving.

I can say I used to play For Honor day and night when it was first released. So much so I was a reputation 8 within four days. It was awesome. Yet, the constant connectivity failures, the hope of the connection staying constant, and the lack of players to connect to steered me away. Who honestly likes spending hours hoping to connect to a group that has a decent connection and doesn’t rage quit? So with that said, I’m hoping Ubisoft has gotten their heads from their behinds and gives these dedicated servers the love and attention they need. Hopefully this will allow players to finally enjoy a game that deserves our attention.

Via: Kotaku


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