Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice Recap

Finally, after all these years we see Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen meet! A song of ice and fire indeed. If you thought it was only theory before you can now be assured that this is without a doubt the story of Jon and Dany. The meeting didn’t go as planned for either party as they are both stubborn, however Tyrion did what Tyrion does best and convinces both of them to listen to and help each other. She finally grants him the dragon glass he wants and Jon will probably help her since that’s who he is. Although, she still doesn’t believe in the White Walkers, you’d think a woman who is un-burned and a mother of Dragons might consider ice zombies as a possibility. Did anyone else love how the Onion Knight scrambled to give off Jon’s list of accomplishments after hearing Dany’s long introduction? Or better still who else loved how Jon was introduced to the Dragons? One has to wonder how he’ll interact with the Dragons since he’s half Targaryn. The show did a great job on Jon and Tyrion’s reunion. They left each other at the worst point in each other’s lives and reunite as the King of the North and Hand of the Queen! They want to swap stories later and I would love it if they actually give us that scene. Two old friends sharing their rise to power over a drink.

Theon lives, for now. I’m sure someone will try to kill him after seeing what a chicken he was. That was a savage raid and maybe you or I would have done the same thing, who knows. Speaking of that raid Euron Greyjoy presents Cersei with a pretty memorable marriage proposal, and she agrees to give him what he desires if they win the war. Then he throws crazy shade at Jamie asking how his sister likes it, Damn!! I know Cersei deserves all the hate she gets but that revenge scene with Ellaria Sand was very satisfying. I love that she sympathized with the death of Oberyn’s death, but points out that if he hadn’t taunted the Mountain afterwards he’d still be alive. She feels for her loss, but now she wants her to feel the loss of her own daughter and uses the very same poison that Ellaria killed her daughter with. Then Cersei says she will watch her daughter’s corpse rot and be force fed to make sure she can stays alive and she wants fresh torches so she doesn’t miss a thing. Cersei is gangsta! Especially since she is now flaunting her and Jamie’s romance around. “We need fresh sheets”, Ewwww.

Bran is finally back and super creepy now. Sansa tells him he is now Lord of Winterfell and he then explains he can’t since he’s the 3 Eyed Raven, this leaves Sansa very confused. Understandable since he seems detached and not interested in people anymore. I’m claiming the theory that Bran is Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen now, I don’t think I’m right but I’m calling it anyway. Anyway Sam officially cured Mormont of grayscale! The Archmeister is quite impressed that Dam did what no one else could, he tells him to be proud and then punishes him with copying decaying scrolls, poor Sam.

That assault on Casterly Rock was very cool. I like how the show runners used Tyrion to narrate it. Showing success, then defeat, then explains a hidden entrance he put in himself leading to success, which is quickly extinguished when Grey Worm finds the real Lannister Army has already left and Euron Grayjoy has destroyed his fleet.  A victory,  but not the big one they had hoped for, as well as a huge loss.  The real Lannister Army takes the Tyrrell stronghold in almost no time. The focus on Jamie and Lady Tyrrell is well played. It’s such a civil takeover from Jamie. They discuss how she knows she’s going to die and how Jamie loves Cersei, she offers to allow him to confess to her since she’ll be dead soon anyway. He declines and tells her Cersei wants her brutally destroyed. He talked her out of it and offers a much kinder solution, poison. She chooses it and then reveals to him that she poisoned Jeoffrey and wants Cersei to know it was her. One last middle finger to the Lannisters before she dies. Nice! Things are really heating up. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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