Why I won’t watch the leaked Game of Thrones episodes

Recently hackers stole a bunch of data from HBO with arguably one of the biggest hauls being scripts and full episodes of Game of Thrones. If you search online you can watch episodes before HBO airs them or read plot lines that we have yet to be treated to. This all sounds great to some of you and feel free to look into it if you must, but here’s why I won’t and you shouldn’t either.

Every Sunday for one season a year I, like many of you, anticipate Sunday nights at 9 o’clock. Ok most of the year I anticipate Sundays at 9, ¬†I heart you too Walking Dead. The excitement of recalling last week’s events and seeing how they play into the next episode. ¬†Analyzing the tiny details and non wasted moments that Thrones has to offer. I think the biggest reason is the discussions you’ll have with others. Who doesn’t enjoy the water cooler moments you have with friends or coworkers. Almost every week like clockwork my coworkers and I tell each other we can’t wait to talk about last night’s Thrones. It’s like a club that only you guys understand. Watching leaked episodes takes away from that. You can’t discuss with anyone else because not everyone watched it like you did. I remember when people used to get upset when those who read the book would say they knew what happened, and now that the show is ahead of the books when people who watch the show tell people who read the book they know what happens. That being said, you’re just going to upset everyone by being a smug jerk because you know ahead of everyone else! Maybe it’s just me but personally I think it takes away from the experience as a whole. What do you think? Let us know on the comments section.

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