Game of Thrones: Spoils of War Review

War is finally upon us! Dany finally brought her dragon into battle and it was just as satisfying as we all expected it to be. That fight scene was amazing and that was only with one dragon! Who else can’t wait to see all 3 in the mix? I think Dany definitely showed the Lannister armies what she is capable of and I can’t wait to see Cersei’s reaction when she finds out. Especially considering they look like they are alluding to Jamie’s death. That being said I personally don’t think they killed him, unless he had trouble swimming with one hand. More than likely the mysterious stranger that pushed him out of Drogon’s way saved him again. Speaking of that stranger who could it be? My guess would be Dickon or Bronn, but it could have been Jon Snow. We don’t know exactly where he is right now so anything is possible. After all Tyrion showed up at the last moment to name call Jamie as he foolishly charged at Daenerys.

We finally have 3 of the 4 remaining Stark children back in Winter fell! I’m betting either Jon comes back to find Arya and they have a jubilant reunion or Arya makes her way to King’s Landing to murder Cersei in the face! Either way will be a touching TV moment. Brandon mentioned he remembers his life as the young Stark boy, which shows that he is full transcended into the Three Eyed Raven. Did anyone else catch Sansa giving looks of disappointment towards Arya when she mentions Cersei is on her list? Or for that matter how upset Sansa looked when she seen how badass her little sister became during Arya and Brienne’s sword fight. Arya may have the highest body count next to Cersei at this point, and I love how they are fulfilling her destiny. They should give Arya the Iron Throne! “Who taught you that?”, “No one”. ¬†Yes, that’s what I’m talking about! She finally also receives the Catspaw Dagger. Someone important is getting killed with this baby. As far as Sansa goes I really feel a betrayal to House Stark coming. I feel she admires Cersei too much to show alliances anywhere else.

This was the shortest episode of the season, possibly the series and it did not disappoint. It didn’t feel short in the slightest. Game of Thrones has mastered the craft of storytelling and doesn’t waste a moment and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us in the final four episodes this season. What do you think? Let us know on the comments

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