Fire Emblem Heroes: Six Month Celebration is Live

The six-month celebration is here! We get free orbs, free summons, and a new challenge in the Bound Hero Battle! While we are enjoying the Nohrian Summer banner, I think most of us are holding our breath for the next Hero Fest banner on the 10th. With so much going on and a lot more to come, Nintendo is showing some actual appreciation to all the fans of their most successful mobile game.


With a slew of in-game improvements, we are seeing Nintendo is really taking the fans input seriously. Most importantly of which would have to be the switch between the 3* and 4* summon rates. We also have the continuous auto-battle mode for Tempest Trial that will save us all a great deal of frustration. Last but not least, they fixed something that was unreasonably frustrating for me… The added the string! Gaius is finally not just javelin-ing arrows at people!

Draw that bow Gaius, you’ve earned it!

We here at All Things Nerdy are really excited about the celebration, and really looking forward to the next six months.

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