Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Closed Beta Gets Updated and Renewed

There have been so many new updates to FFXV lately. From new Exosuits with the power of invincibility for 30 minutes, the Moogle – Chocobo Carnival making a come back lasting until September, a new chain link attack mode to deal out more damage, consistently updated timed quests. Let’s not forget Episode Prompto. All of which has been brought to the die-hard Final Fantasy XV fan base within a staggering 2 months. Recently on top of it all, Square Enix released a closed beta for season pass owners to play the anticipated multiplayer expansion called “Comrades” for FFXV. Between august 3rd – 8th, players can customize a unique “avatar” and use it to link up with other players and complete various missions. Of course a beta wouldn’t be a beta without bugs, glitches, and headaches.

Next week we’ll release an update to improve matchmaking in the #FFXVComrades Closed Online Test & do another test between 11-13th August

— Final Fantasy XV (@FFXVEN) August 4, 2017

One of the major issues plaguing the closed beta was matchmaking. In a recent tweet, developers decided to update the beta and offer another opportunity to try out the game in the way that it as meant to. As you can see in our stream review below, only after only a few missions matchmaking became highly problematic. So much so, that we ended our stream earlier than anticipated. Hopefully the update will address the issue and make this weekend of August 11th – 13th a lot more entertaining.

Please note, in order to the beta you must have the FFXV season pass and have PSN or Xbox Live access. Also, you must download the game before the 11th in order to actually play. It will not be available for download during the weekend so get it while you can!

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